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There's a whole world of spirits beyond the standards. Find out about absinthe, pisco, cachaça and more, what bottles to try, what cocktails to mix and what trends to look out for.
Non alcoholic spirits guide
The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits and How to Use Them
Cocktails at Laser Wolf in Brooklyn
How to Use Arak in Your Cocktails
Camparinha cocktail
Absinthe Suissesse cocktail
Absinthe Suissesse
shochu on the rocks
The 7 Best Shochu to Drink in 2022
Shochu Bloody Mary
Shochu Bloody Mary
Koji-San cocktail
Lovage in the Garden cocktail
Lovage in the Garden
cocktail with cachaça
The 8 Best Cachaças to Drink in 2022
Toji Moon Cocktail
Tōji Moon
Anise spirit bottles
Everything You Need to Know About Anise-Flavored Spirits
Nowon-Makku-chata, made with Makku rice beer, sesame-oil-washed soju and pine nuts, at Nowon in New York City
Get to Know Makgeolli, Korea’s Ancient Rice Beverage
Golden Dew cocktail
Golden Dew
Night at the Spritz non alcoholic cocktail
Night at the Spritz
A rocks glass holds an Old Fashioned with ice, lime leaves and a lemon zest.
Thai Old Fashioned
A faceted rocks glass sits on a bar top in front of a candle which illuminates the vivid red drink within. The glass is garnished with a Medjool date on a skewer.
The Macallan
11 Virtual Distillery Tours to Take from Your Sofa
A faceted Collins glass holds a red-orange drink garnished with a lime wedge. It sits on a red stone surface with dramatic lighting.
Aquavit Buck
I Tried to Like Baijiu. I Failed. And I’m Not the Only One.
Switzerland's Spirits Scene Is Anything but Neutral
Picon Punch Is the Winter Drink You Never Knew You Needed
The Interesting Story Behind Iceland's Unusual Spirits
The 11 Best Nonalcoholic Spirits of 2023
The 10 Best Italian Liquors to Drink in 2022
Cooler filled with cans
The 8 Best Canned Cocktails to Drink in 2023
Add These Soju Bottles to Your Bar Now
Pink spirits bottles
6 Pink Spirits to Try This Valentine’s Day
A collection of bar equipment rests on an elegant wooden bar tray with brass handles. The tray holds a shaker, mixing glass, two strainers, two stoppered blue bottles, a jigger, peeler, two bar spooners, and a muddler. The words “Home Bar Basics” and “Bitters” are printed above and below the tray.
Home Bar Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Bitters
A vividly green bottle of Midori sits over zig zag white lines and a golden backdrop. Next to it are array a number of other liquor bottles, their labels darkened out
What the #$@! Do I Do with This? Midori: What It Is and How to Use It.
8 cheap bottles
The Best Cheap Alcohol of 2023, According to Bartenders
Mexican spirits bottles
5 Mexican Spirits Beyond Mezcal and Tequila You Need to Know
Kyoto Sour
7 Sake Cocktails to Try Right Now
A dual-spouted absinthe fountain with two glasses
The 5 Biggest Absinthe Myths
In the foreground are a number of frosty snifters, filled with a yellow-hued absinthe. More absinthe is flowing into one from a red-necked bottle. In the background, out of focus, is an arm in a blue shirt.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aquavit
A dreamy, serene outdoor setting featuring a small still, bunches of green leaves, fruits, and a bottle of Trakal placed atop a wooden stool
Everything You Need to Know About Trakal, Patagonia’s Unofficial Spirit
A single shot of soju, beaded with condensation, sits on a wooden table, a bit of burlap behind it
Everything You Need to Know About Soju, the Most Popular Spirit in the World
pisco sour cocktail with three drops of bitters on top, served on a silver tray
Pisco Sour
Caipirinha cocktail in a rocks glass with limes, served on a bamboo mat
absinthe drip with sugar cube and slotted spoon
Absinthe Drip
a collage of single-estate spirits bottles on a white background
5 Single-Estate Spirits That Will Totally Blow Your Mind
two tumblers of Green Beast punch with cucumbers, sitting in front of a full punch bowl with ice, cucumbers and ladle
Green Beast
a collage of Japanese spirits bottles on a moody blue-red backdrop
5 Great Japanese Spirits That Are Not Whisky
Death in the Afternoon cocktail
Death in the Afternoon
liquor bottles illustration
10 Spirits You’re Definitely Mispronouncing
The Birth of Tequila’s Little Brother. In Texas of All Places.
The 10 Best Alcohol Advent Calendars of 2022
The 10 Best Alcohol Advent Calendars of 2022
A Bartender Put Milk Punch in a Bottle. So Everyone Could Try It.
Jinro Soju
When Ginger Beer is the Mixer, These Are Ones You Want
When Ginger Beer is the Mixer, These Are Ones You Want
The 16 Best Bitters in 2022
The 16 Best Bitters in 2023
The 10 Best Ciders to Drink in 2020
The 10 Best Hard Ciders to Drink in 2022
whiskey barrel-aged spirits
You Don’t Have to Be Whiskey to Age in a Whiskey Barrel
Moonshine Cocktails: These 3 Recipes Could Make You a Believer
A sake bottle on a dark brown surface surrounded by traditional Japanese ceramic vessels
Everything You Need to Know About Hot Sake
Pernod Absinthe
Aquavit bottles
5 Terrific Bottles of American Aquavit Worth Your Attention
Bossa Manhattan cocktail
4 Cachaça Cocktails to Try Right Now
blow job shot cocktail
Blow Job
Cherry Bomb cocktail in a highball glass with lime and cherry garnishes
Cherry Bomb
clear chilcano cocktail in a square-shaped rocks glass with ice, sitting beside two curled lime peels