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Milagro Silver Tequila Review

Light and sweet, this tequila is an affable and inoffensive sipper.

Milagro Silver Tequila Review

Liquor.com / Laura Sant

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Milagro Silver is an affordable, light, and mild tequila that’s a good entry-level bottle for drinkers new to the spirit.

Fast Facts

Classification blanco tequila

Company William Grant & Sons

NOM 1559

Cask stainless steel

Still Type copper pot and column

Released 1998

Proof 80

Aged unaged
MSRP $25

Awards Silver, 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition

  • All tequilas are distilled twice, but Milagro is distilled a third time, giving it a lighter, milder (some would say “smoother”) flavor, which makes it an easy blanco to sip.

  • Some tequila drinkers, especially those who are new to the category, can find the vegetal notes of agave off-putting. Milagro is relatively sweet and light on agave flavor (although it’s more pronounced on the nose), making it a fine entry-level tequila.

  • Its light, sweet flavor tends to disappear in cocktails; it lacks some of the backbone needed to make a great mixer.

Tasting Notes 

Color: Clear, with thick “legs” that run fairly slowly down the side of the glass

Nose: Mild and pleasant vegetal notes of roasted agave, underscored by sweet notes of butterscotch and caramel

Palate: Sweeter than the nose, with vanilla, anise, and spearmint notes at the fore. Subtle dark chocolate and agave notes intensify the longer it’s held on the tongue, with a slight astringency on the swallow.

Finish: The chocolate and agave notes come on more strongly as the sweeter flavors quickly dissipate. 

Our Review

Milagro was launched in 1998, just as tequila was making the transition from a party drink to a highly regarded sipping spirit. It rode the tequila wave successfully, with the founders selling the brand to spirits conglomerate William Grant & Sons in 2006. The agave from which Milagro is distilled comes from the highlands of Jalisco, which generally produces a lighter, softer, and sweeter finished product than Lowlands tequila. Milagro Silver is no exception: It’s quite sweet, with vanilla rather than agave being the dominant flavor, and the peppery spice common to tequila almost nonexistent. 

Milagro Silver isn’t a bad sipper if you’re looking for something light and easy, but as a mixer, those sweet and delicate flavors tend to get lost in the shuffle. Adding a little extra tequila to a Margarita can help somewhat, but the ideal solution would really be to find a more flavorful tequila, whether it’s Milagro’s own Select Barrel Reserve expression or other brands like Espolon or Olmeca Altos.

At $25 to $30 for a bottle, Milagro Silver is relatively economical, making it a good bet for the next time you’re throwing a party and whipping up a bunch of cocktails. The drawback is that this tequila isn’t going to make those cocktails really shine. There are far worse blanco tequilas out there, and this one falls in the middle of the pack. If you have it, use it and enjoy it. If you’re looking to buy a fresh bottle, there’s better to be had.

Interesting Fact

Two Mexico City college students, Danny Schneeweiss and Moises “Moy” Guindi, saw the premium vodka market taking off in the ’90s and thought, why can’t we do this with tequila, too? In 1998, Milagro—so named, legend has it, because Danny and Moy called it “a miracle” when they first tasted it—was born.

The Bottom Line

Milagro Silver is an affordable, light, and mild tequila that’s easy to sip but is somewhat undistinguished as a mixer. Fans who love the taste of agave won’t get a lot of that here, but newbies to the category may well find it appealing.