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Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass Review

A well-shaped, and slightly heavy glass.

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Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass
Image: / Timothy Fatato 

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. / Timothy Fatato / Timothy Fatato 

We purchased the Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass so our reviewer could put it to the test in their home bar. Read on for the full review.

The Bottom Line: 

Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir glasses offer a flattering shape that complements wine’s aromas (wide middle, more narrow opening) though fall slightly short in the weight department. Although heavy in the hand, the glass provides a solid environment for allowing wines to show well and merits its $12 (approx.) per stem price point, though we’ve found comparable items for even less. 


  • Well-designed (shape, material)
  • Produced from Bormioli’s SON.hyx material
  • Made from lead-free crystal


  • Thick stem, heavy in hand
  • Mixed reviews on durability 

Buy on Amazon, Around $59 / Timothy Fatato / Timothy Fatato 

Our Review

As our ongoing hunt for quality glassware continues, we recently popped the lid on a box of Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Glasses. At $74.95 per six pack, the glasses clock in around $12 per stem—which is not terrible, considering how high per-stem prices can go.  

In short, Bormioli’s Atelier glass is just fine. It’s functional, it’s elegant, and its shape is spot on. However, the glass holds a bit heavy in the hand, and we’ve found it to be rather run-of-the-mill compared to others in its price category. You’re certainly not losing out in buying these glasses, though don’t expect Zalto or Riedel quality here (which, as we all know, you’ll pay twice the price for). 

Take Note

"Bormioli’s Atelier glass is functional and elegant, though holds a bit heavy in the hand."

Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass / Timothy Fatato 

Testing Notes

Design: In terms of design, the Bormioli Pinot Noir glass is pretty good. The bowl begins narrow at its base, fans out to a wide midsection, then narrows back up top to ensure that aromas are well displayed yet don’t evaporate too quickly. Aside from holding rather clunky in the hand, the glass is both well shaped and well designed. 

Material: Bormioli’s Atelier line of stemware is machine blown in Parma, Italy, and is made with the company’s proprietary SON.hyx material. According to Bormioli, in addition to boasting ideal bowl shapes and beautifully drawn stems (to which we can confirm), the material also “has a beautiful sound, maintains its clarity after thousands of industrial dishwashing cycles, and possesses an extremely high level of durability.” Bormioli notes that the stems are also reinforced with titanium, which is perhaps the reason for the extra weight.

Take Note

"The glass is appropriate for a variety of red wines beyond pinot noir, including gamay, grenache, and beyond."

Cleaning: While Bormioli claims that their signature SON.hyx material is dishwasher safe, we always recommend hand washing wine stems. Note: We did not actually test this product in a dishwasher, though by its weight in hand, we imagine that it would hold up. According to various sites, the confirmation of this durability is a bit all over the place. Some users have noted extremely durable (dropped in sink, bounced three times, still standing strong), while others have noted that the glass broke in the dishwasher upon first rinse. 

To wash stems by hand, simply rinse glasses immediately after use and set aside. When ready to wash, add a small amount of restaurant crystal clean into the bowl of the glass and use a cleaning brush or wash by hand. Tip: Hold the glass by the bowl to best avoid breakage. The stem is the most delicate part of the glass and is most likely to break from this position. Use cleaning cloths to hand dry / polish glasses. 

Price / Competition: In terms of quality-to-price ratio, the Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir glasses are pretty good. For $12 (approx.) per stem, the shape, design, and brand name are there. Our only real beef with the product is its thick stem and slight weight in hand, but with regards to how the wine shows in the glass, we dub the product to be worth the price. However, more affordable options  (such as Williams Sonoma Angle Red glasses (view at Williams Sonoma) at $8 a pop) will give these stems a run for their money. / Timothy Fatato / Timothy Fatato 

Final Verdict

In terms of quality, material, and durability (from our experience), the Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir glasses (view at Amazon) are decent for the price point. For those more serious about their wine, we’d recommend looking at options in a higher price point tier, such as those from Riedels. For wine lovers seeking out glassware that promises a nice experience but won’t totally break the bank (or crush your spirits if one breaks), this is a solid go-to. Note: The glass is appropriate for a variety of red wines beyond pinot noir, including gamay, grenache, and beyond. 


  • Product Name: Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass 
  • Product Brand: Luigi Bormioli    
  • Product Number/UPC/SKU: Model Number - 08745/07
  • Price: $74.95 - 6 Pack
  • Product Dimensions: 4.2 inches diameter X 8.7 inches height, 0.44 pounds
  • Color Options: N/A
  • Material: Lead-free crystal glass
  • Warranty (if any): N/A
  • What’s Included: 6 wine glasses

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