Bot-Tender: Your Personal Drink Concierge

Make cocktails on the fly by chatting with Bot-Tender, a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Simply type in the cocktail you’re craving, the ingredients you have on hand or the occasion you’re celebrating, and Bot-Tender will respond with recipe options.

Enter “Manhattan” and you’ll get variations on the classic. Type in gin, soda and lemon” for cocktails that use those ingredients. You can even enter “autumn” or “brunch” for recipes that will suit the occasion.

If you need assistance along the way, enter “help”. Plus, you can get even more recipes and insights by typing “menu” and subscribing to


Here’s are some examples of how to use Bot-Tender:
LiquorBot Visualization



Are you smarter than
your bartender?

Think you know the booze?
Let’s start with some basics.

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