Do You Know As Much About Vodka As You Think You Do?



  • SuccessVodkaUSA posted 2 years ago

    The number of times you distill does not improve the flavor. Removing off-putting esters and congeners while distilling DOES improve the flavor, and this can only happen during distillation. Properly controlled distillation will improve the flavor up to the sixth distillation, at which point a good distiller will have all the bad stuff removed from the batch, further distillation would be fruitless. The NUMBER of times vodka is distilled not as important as the skill of the distiller running the batch, but the number is also critical in achieving ultra pure smooth vodka. Our Ultra Premium Success Vodka is a small batch craft Organic wheat vodka that is 5-star rated and Gold Medal winning. We distill it 6 times and filter it twice and it is really good.

  • Debi posted 2 years ago

    You're right VaneWimsey I think it's just a ploy to get people onto their email list so they can then bombard you with annoying emails :-)

  • VaneWimsey posted 2 years ago

    Dumb, sloppy, lazy quiz.
    (1) The statement "The number of times vodka can be distilled has a big effect on its flavor" is supposedly false, but the explanation then says that overdistillation can ruin the flavor. Maybe the false statement should have been "The number of times vodka can be distilled *improves* its flavor."
    (2) Vodka can "only" be made from which ingredient? None of the answers is correct; it can't "only" be made from the four ingredients listed, and it can't "only" be made from all four.
    (3) A martini is "traditionally" made with vodka, as well as with gin. James Bond drank vodka martinis. Maybe the question should have been which drinks were "originally" made with vodka.
    I'm so upset that I'm going to boycott vodka this weekend!

  • danny dance prancer posted 2 years ago

    So the answer to number 5 ('The number of times vodka can be distilled has a big effect on its flavor.') is actually 'True,' as the explanation clearly states that over-distilling strips out the flavor. Um....
    Wish I wasn't so humorless...

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