Heated Cocktails

Whether you're looking for the best Irish Coffee recipe or a traditional Hot Toddy, these piping-hot cocktails are just what you need when the temperature starts to drop. Check out these warmers and start mixing.
4 Warming Crock-Pot Cocktail Recipes to Try at Home
Irish Coffee Cocktail in glass mug next to a jar of cream
Irish Coffee
A pair of hands pour a steaming ladleful of mulled wine into a clear glass mug. The background with a crock pot full of mulled wine is just out of focus.
Hit Me Baby One More Glühwein
Hey, Gourdgeous cocktail
Hey, Gourdgeous
A glass mug holds a lush, golden-brown serving of Hot Buttered Rum. Its pale surface is flecked with nutmeg, and a cinnamon stick rests across the mouth of the mug. The background is pale blue, and the surface a light gray.
Hot Buttered Rum
hot buttered rum batter in a sealed mason jar
Hot Buttered Rum Batter
Hot Toddy cocktail in a glass mug with lemon wheel and cloves
Hot Toddy
Irish Coffee: 5 Delicious Ways to Reconsider the Famed Cocktail
A clear glass cocktail mug filled with light brown liquid and garnished with a lemon twist; a metal pitcher with flames coming from within it sits to the left of the mug.
Blue Blazer
Pumpkin Toddy
tom and jerry cocktail in a white coffee mug
Tom & Jerry
A top down view of a white mug shows a light brown drink garnished with a thin peel of orange. The background is reflective black.
Curiosity Killed the Cat, You Know
boozy hot chocolate cocktail in a glass mug with mini marshmallows
Boozy Hot Chocolate
Golden Purl cocktail
Golden Purl
A tall glass coffee mug rests on a wooden table. The mug hold dark black coffee with a thick layer of white foam dusted with nutmeg.
The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee
two I Left My Heart in Jalisco cocktails, served in coffee mugs next to conversation hearts
I Left My Heart in Jalisco
Café Correcto con Coco
The Lookout cocktail in a clear mug, topped with Chinese five-spice
The Lookout
Last-Minute Mulled Wine
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Autumn Wassail in a tall, thin toddy glass against a dark, slate-grey backdrop. A fan of three apple slices on a fancy skewer is the garnish.
Autumn Wassail
A clear glass mug filled just over halfway with a deep amber-colored hot cocktail
Whisky Skin
Hot Caramel Buttered Rum
Hot Caramel Buttered Rum
A handled, clear glass mug is branded with an emblem that reads “Highlands NYC Est. 2007.” The mug sits on a marble table and is filled with a pale golden drink. It’s garnished with a cinnamon stick and a clove-studded lemon wheel.
Tea & Sympathy
Milk & Honey cocktail
Milk & Honey
A clear glass mug with a tapered middle and a glass handle sits on a marble surface. It’s filled with a golden beverage and small chunks of apple, and is dusted with nutmeg.
Apple Toddy
Heated Affair cocktail with white frothy head in an Irish coffee mug, garnished with cinnamon stick and fresh nutmeg
Heated Affair
Francophile cocktail
X-Mas Sin
Glogg cocktail
Plum Toddy
hand places dried apple garnish on the Hot Apple Pie cocktail, served in an Irish Coffee glass with a cinnamon stick
Hot Apple Pie
A small glass bottle with a flip top cap rests on a light blue backdrop. The bottle is filled with a dark brown syrup.
Red Beans & Rice Orgeat
A small mug shaped like a garden gnome is filled with a drink topped with whipped cream and garnished with two Pocky sticks and a tree ornament shaped like a golden gift box.
Bring Me Back Something French
A Hot Toddy mugs rests on a slatted wooden table. It’s filled with a golden drink, a cinnamon stick floats at its base, and it is garnished with a lemon wheel.
Temple Toddy
Audrey Saunders' Tom & Jerry
A highball glass rests on a wooden coaster against a dark blue surface. The glass is filled with ice and a light brown highball, and is topped with a star anise. A few apples are strewn on the blue surface, out of focus.
Apple Chai G&T
Rumplesnuggler cocktail in Irish Coffee mug topped with whipped cream
Holiday Hooch
Pow Pow
Jeffrey Morgenthaler's Hot Toddy
Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Hot Toddy
Gran Rosta Coffee cocktail in an Irish Coffee mug with whipped cream topping, served next to orange-and-white towel
Gran Rosta Coffee
Darth Mauled Pomegranate Cider
Hot Buttered Fun cocktail in an Irish Coffee mug with a spoon in the glass
Hot Buttered Fun
Fort Defiance Irish Coffee
Harvest Time cocktail
Harvest Time
Rich Coffee cocktail with a white foamy head served in a short-stemmed glass
Rich Coffee
Chicken Soup Hot Toddy
hands grating nutmeg over two pumpkin spiced latte cocktails
Pumpkin Spiced Latte
A glass tea mug with a curved handle rests on a worn leather book. The drink within is dark orange with a floating lemon wheel.
Fallen Leaf
A glass mug with a handle and stem sits on a wooden surface. It’s filled with an opaque golden drink and garnished with a star anise.
Sweet & Sour Chicken Toddy
An elegant coupe holds a dark brown cocktail. It’s garnished with a single baby back rib bone, and stands on a surface of concentric rings.
Bone & Bacon
Buddy’s Busy cocktail in a stemmed glass with a topper of fresh whipped cream and nutmeg
Buddy’s Busy
Duck Hunt cocktail in a rocks glass, garnished with a rosemary sprig, juniper berries and caraway seeds
Duck Hunt
Mama I'm Coming Home cocktail in a clear Irish coffee mug, garnished with a skewered piece of caramel candy
Mama, I’m Coming Home
Chicken & Apple Wassail cocktail in a coupe glass on a black surface
Chicken & Apple Wassail
Moment of Clarity
Maple syrup is poured into one of three frothy Hot Butter(nut) Rum cocktails, each served in a toddy glass with handle
Hot Butter(nut) Rum