If you enjoy floral or earthy notes in your drink, you'll definitely want to mix up one of our favorite herbaceous cocktail recipes.
From floral to earthy and much more, check out these herbaceous drink recipes to bring a little bit of nature into your glass.
Queens Park Swizzle cocktail
Queens Park Swizzle
Interstellar Love cocktail
Interstellar Love
White Tie Affair cocktail
White-Tie Affair
Manhatta Astoria cocktail
Manhatta Astoria
Pina Verde cocktail with mint sprig garnish
Piña Verde
Missionary's Downfall cocktail with pineapple and mint
Missionary’s Downfall
Heat Check cocktail
Heat Check
Black Negroni cocktail with flamed orange wheel
Black Negroni
Absinthe Suissesse cocktail
Absinthe Suissesse
Tipperary cocktail
8 Cocktails for Chartreuse-Lovers
A faceted Collins glass holds a red-orange drink garnished with a lime wedge. It sits on a red stone surface with dramatic lighting.
Aquavit Buck
Love & Murder Cocktail
Love & Murder
Winter Mojito
8 Mojito Variations to Try Right Now
Boiler Room cocktail
Boiler Room
Whiskey Smash
11 Mint Cocktails to Try Right Now
Bright Lights cocktail
Bright Lights
Chef's Kiss cocktail
Chef’s Kiss
Mint Green Old Fashioned
Mint Green Old Fashioned
Abbey Toddy
Abbey Toddy
14 Hours Ahead cocktail
8 Tea Cocktails to Try Right Now
Ghostclaw cocktail
Chit-Cha Toddy
Chit-Cha Toddy
Flint cocktail
Jamboree cocktail
Pusherman cocktail
'Sinthe Wave cocktail
’Sinthe Wave
Pumpkin Sazerac
Pumpkin Sazerac
Mint Julep
9 Julep Variations to Try Right Now
Jagermeister Old Fashioned Cocktail
Jägermeister Old Fashioned
Waterfront Cooler cocktail
Waterfront Cooler
A Day at the Crawfish Races cocktail
A Day at the (Crawfish) Races
High Tide cocktail
High Tide
Gin Free and Tonic
Gin-Free & Tonic
Leeward Negroni at PCH in San Francisco
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L’Alligator C’Est Vert Cocktail
L’Alligator C’Est Vert
white-colored Absinthe Suisse cocktail in a collins glass, garnished with a mint sprig
Absinthe Suisse
A Nick & Nora glass with a copper rim rests on an elegant bar tray. The glass holds a brown, opaque cocktail.
Death by Morning
Killer Queen cocktail
Killer Queen
Rebirth cocktail in a textured rocks glass, served over crushed ice and garnished with purple, pink and white flowers and a metal straw
5 Aloe Water Cocktails to Try Right Now
Bourbon Rosemary Punch
Tom Yum on a Rock cocktail in a rocks glass, garnished with a skewered red chile pepper and a lime wheel
Tom Yum on a Rock
CBD Gin & Tonic in a highball glass, garnished with a lime wheel and rosemary sprig
CBD Gin & Tonic
A hammered-copper Moscow Mule mug sits on a white surface. A large sprig of mint drapes over the mouth of the glass, with a lime wedge behind it. The background is minimal, and pale blue.
CBD Moscow Mule
What’s Up, Doc
Chrysanthemum cocktail in an etched coupe glass with an orange twist, served on a silver tray
On a white counter with a sky-blue background, a beautiful curved Nick & Nora glass holds a Martini. The drink is slightly cloudy and decked with spots of pepper. A single pepper-stuffed olive is pierced on a silver skewer resting across the mouth of the glass.
CBD Dirty Martini
A double Old Fashioned glass is against a solid sky-blue backdrop. The glass is filled with a few large ice cubes, a juicy orange drink and a thin slice of grapefruit.
Lounge Chair Afternoon
Mint-Basil Limeade with ice in a Collins glass, garnished with a lime wheel
Mint-Basil Limeade
Irish Maid cocktail on the rocks with a cucumber garnish
Irish Maid
In a tapered Collins glass a few ice cubes float amongst a deep red tea. A black and white striped paper straw emerges from the the glass, and the background has a panel and glowing lights.
Plomeek Tea
A yellow-hued cocktail in a clear Collins glass with a generous pink salt garnish on the side of the glass and a variety of fruits and vegetables surrounding the drink
Rich Table
Amanyara Mojito
A viscous, silky cocktail bubbles slightly as it is poured over a crystal-clear ice cube in an unadorned rocks glass. The drink sits on hard wood which fades into a pitch black background.
Paloma Milk Punch
Massimo Bond cocktail
Massimo Bond
Not Tested on Animals
Summer Tonic
Summer Tonic
green-hued, slushy Miamian's Julep cocktail in a copper julep mug with mint garnish, served on a wooden table
Miamian’s Julep
A creamy white cocktail in a coupe glass garnished with a pineapple leaf, set on a wood surface against a bright yellow background
Celery Sour
light green South Mint 75 cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with a single mint leaf
South Mint 75