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Holiday Gift Guide 2015
There is most definitely the right gift for everyone out there. Somewhere. The challenge is finding it. This year,'s Holiday Gift Guide is organized into four categories, each one Maraschino cherry–picked for a specific kind of person. The types: Modern; Classic; Tiki; Culinary. If that perfect gift isn't here, it may not exist.

Skull Barspoon $23

Does a cocktail taste better when stirred with a skull-topped spoon? We think it just might. Snag this newbie from Cocktail Kingdom, developed in collaboration with Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, and put the theory to the test.

The Pineapple Co. Tumbler or Shot Glass Set $30

These gold, copper and silver plated-brass tumblers and shot glasses are among the most gorgeous pieces of barware we’ve seen. They’re begging for crushed ice and a leafy sprig of mint.

Plantation Pineapple Rum Stiggins’ Fancy $30

This new pineapple rum, from French distiller Maison Ferrand, is a blend of pineapple-steeped dark rum and white rum distilled with pineapple rind. It’s also everything that most flavored spirits are not: smooth, subtle and sophisticated.

Pink Blush Oregon Maraschino Cherries $9

A serious cocktail deserves a serious garnish. Swap saccharine neon cherries for these bright pink orbs from Oregon, sweetened with real sugar and colored with vegetable concentrates instead of dye.

Passion Fruit Flavor Pearls $35

Garnish your next Hurricane with a spoonful of this fruity caviar, made with sweet-tart passion fruit juice encapsulated in a thin alginate shell.