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Holiday Gift Guide 2015
There is most definitely the right gift for everyone out there. Somewhere. The challenge is finding it. This year,'s Holiday Gift Guide is organized into four categories, each one Maraschino cherry–picked for a specific kind of person. The types: Modern; Classic; Tiki; Culinary. If that perfect gift isn't here, it may not exist.

The Tippling Bros. A Lime and a Shaker $15

Tad Carducci and Paul Tanguay are masters of the culinary cocktail, and Mexican flavors hold a special place in their hearts (and bars). Their new tome features 72 recipes for drinks with abundant spice, smoke and gusto.

The River Cottage Booze Handbook $16

This is not a book for those in search of a quick drink; rather, it’s for those seeking a serious drink project. Mead, beer, fruit wine and whiskey: you’ll find recipes for all these, and more, in this home-brewing how-to from England’s River Cottage.

Hedley & Bennett Bartender Apron $75

Chefs, bartenders and servers are obsessed with Hedley & Bennett aprons, and for good reason: they’re as stylish as they are indestructible. This dark chambray number is ideal for a night of slinging drinks in style.

Maguey Sweet Sap Syrup $15

Maguey sap is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and potassium but, more importantly, this unrefined natural sweetener is a killer addition to cocktails.

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar $8

Simple syrup is fine, but bourbon barrel smoked sugar syrup is better. Way better. Rare Tea Cellar’s version features raw Demerara sugar that’s cold-smoked over bourbon barrel staves.