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The Secret to Neo-Japanese Bartending Is Fresh Fruit

The perfect fruit. Put to great cocktail use.

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A Surprisingly Gin-Free Gin & Tonic

For January, a booze-free spin on the traditional Gin and Tonic. (But you can add gin, if you want.)

The Art of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

These festive virgin cocktails are just as good as the hard stuff.

Temperance Cocktails

For the non-drinkers at your holiday get-togethers, make these virgin concoctions from top mixologists.

5 Essential Mocktails for the Best Kind of January Recovery

You don’t need alcohol to make an enticing cocktail.

How to Drink and Be Healthy: Lessons from a Pro Athlete

Stefani Jackenthal on balancing competitive training and a love of booze.

An Intensely Green Smoothie

Kale + pineapple + avocado = so strong!

A Sweet and Salty Way to Refresh

A date and a little spice are exactly what you need to smack your mouth awake.

Matcha + Tonic = So Much Healthy Goodness

Drink to Your Health: Matcha Drinks

You Need Butter in Your Coffee Substitute

Dandelion root coffee and butter add up to beautiful wintertime goodness.

The Best Detox is This Black Magic

Activated charcoal is the health-maniac set’s go-to cleansing ingredient.

What's Healthier: Clear or Dark Spirits?

Everything you need to know about how different types of booze affects your body.

This is How to Pretend Like Your Cocktails are Healthy

Who says your nutrients can’t come with a side of alcohol?

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Moderately

A glass or two is good for you? We'll drink to that!

Pomegranates Make Everything Better

Vodka crans have met their non-boozy match, thanks to this pomegranate-rosemary mocktail.

One Unusual Way to Put the Spotlight on Pineapple

Pineapple syrup. Some citrus-y tang. A little dairy richness: You’ve got your new favorite mocktail.