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Best Bars in the World

Whether we’re in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or London, one of our favorite things to do is drink delicious cocktails. So no matter if you’re exploring your own city or visiting another, check out our bar guides for the world’s best watering holes. Cheers!
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From traditional genevers to quaffable beers, Holland boasts many of Europe’s most historic and famous brands. And Amsterdam has a thriving drinks scene to match. Here are a few places that we recommend.


Not that long ago, Copenhagen was synonymous with the traditional Scandinavian spirit aquavit in drinkers’ minds. While you can still find the caraway seed-flavored liquor, it’s now just as easy to get a delicious cocktail.

European Hotel Bars

There are few luxuries in life more enjoyable than a grand European hotel. It’s even better when the establishment is also home to a world-class bar. Whether you’re planning a vacation or just daydreaming, here are some of our favorite destinations.

Classic London

The UK’s capital has been a world center of cocktail culture for decades. While there are plenty of new watering holes, we suggest you go on this tour of classic London bars when you’re next in Old Blighty.

Modern London

While London, of course, still boasts many excellent historic establishments, its modern generation of watering holes and bartenders prove how important the town is to the global cocktail community.


Moscow’s newfound affluence has led to the opening of an array of decadent restaurants and great watering holes. Here is a list of some of the bars where you can try Russia's most delicious tipples.


Once trapped behind the Iron Curtain, Prague is today a popular tourist destination. While the beautiful architecture hasn’t changed, there is now a thriving bar scene, plus the Czech beer culture is once again flourishing. Here are a few places to check out.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is getting ready to host the Olympics in 2016, but its bartenders are already in world-class form. Here are some of our favorite places to drink.


Beijing may be China’s capital, but Shanghai is its younger—and certainly more cosmopolitan—sibling. It plays host to an international jet-set crowd and is developing a sophisticated cocktail scene.


Vancouver has always been a drinkers’ town. Even before the craft-cocktail movement kicked into high gear, you could easily find a decent tipple. Now, of course, the city boasts many fine bars. Here are the establishments we recommend visiting.