Gin Cocktails

It is almost impossible to imagine the world of mixology without gin. The complex spirit has been a staple in bars since the 18th century and is the core ingredient in classics like the Martini and Gimlet. Check out some of the best gin drinks and start mixing.
Soft Focus cocktail
Soft Focus
Manhatta Astoria cocktail
Manhatta Astoria
Gin Blossom cocktail
Gin Blossom
Army and Navy cocktail
Army & Navy
Silver Fizz cocktail
Silver Fizz
Black Negroni cocktail with flamed orange wheel
Black Negroni
Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini
15 Martini Variations for Your Every Drinking Mood
Tuxedo No. 2 cocktail
Tuxedo No. 2
Pink Lady cocktail
Pink Lady
Kumquat Breakfast Martini
Kumquat Breakfast Martini
Perfect Martini
Perfect Martini
Dorchester cocktail
Tomato Spritz
Tomato Spritz
Word Up cocktail
Word Up
Rye House Spring Beer Cocktail
Rye House Spring Beer Cocktail
Cucumber, Basil & Lime Gimlet
7 Gimlet Twists to Try Right Now
Cucumber Gimlet
Cucumber Gimlet
Quill cocktail
Blood Sage cocktail
Blood Sage
Sour Shandy
Sour Shandy
red-hued Pimm's Fizz cocktail in a collins glass, with a frothy white head and two cranberries as garnish
Pimm’s Fizz
Gin Sour cocktail
Gin Sour
Bijou cocktail
14 Hours Ahead cocktail
14 Hours Ahead
Charlie Chaplin cocktail
Charlie Chaplin
A Martini glass with a knobby stem sits on a silver bar tray with intricate inlay. It is garnished with a long twist of lemon peel. Also on the bar tray is a long bar spoon, a Hawthorne strainer, and a mixing glass with ice cubes.
Smoky Martini
The Maxwell cocktail
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Americano cocktail
11 Negroni Twists to Try Right Now
Ghostclaw cocktail
Super Soup cocktail
Super Soup
Ginger Rogers cocktail
Ginger Rogers
'Sinthe Wave cocktail
’Sinthe Wave
Green Isaac's Special cocktail
Green Isaac’s Special
Timberpoint Cooler cocktail
Timberpoint Cooler
Leeward Negroni at PCH in San Francisco
6 Pandan Cocktail Recipes to Try Right Now
Singapura cocktail
Pandan-Coconut Kaki-tail
Pandan-Coconut Kaki-tail
Quill Riff cocktail
Quill Riff
Killer Queen cocktail
Killer Queen
50/50 Birthday cocktail
50/50 Birthday
Kumquat Breakfast Martini
20 Gin Cocktails to Try Right Now
A pinkish-red cocktail in a Collins glass topped with Angostura and fresh ginger
Cotter Swizzle
9 Easy 3-Ingredient Drinks to Make at Home
gin & tonic
7 Easy Two-Ingredient Drinks to Make in a Flash
Apple Chai Gin and Tonic cocktail
5 Gin Drinks Perfect for Winter Sipping
vesper cocktail with a lemon twist, served on a silver tray
Spanish Gin & Tonic
7 Gin & Tonic Twists to Try Right Now
deep-red bebbo cocktail in a coupe, garnished with a lemon twist and served on a gray surface
A delicate cocktail coupe rests on an elegant metal bar tray. The drink within is lightly orange with a thick white foam head; a slice of orange peel floats on it. The background of the image is almost entirely solid red.
Earl Grey Marteani
Suffering Bastard cocktail with bamboo straw and mint garnish
Suffering Bastard
Champagne Holiday Punch
Champagne Holiday Punch
A glass jar shaped like a honey bear sits on a reflective black bar top. It’s filled with a honey-toned drink and garnished with an edible red flower and a sprig of rosemary. A clear plastic straw juts from the mouth of the jar.
Bear With Me, Honey
darkside cocktail in a stemmed glass, garnished with a skewered cherry
Dark Side
CBD Gin & Tonic in a highball glass, garnished with a lime wheel and rosemary sprig
CBD Gin & Tonic
Crystal Ramos Gin Fizz
On a white counter with a sky-blue background, a beautiful curved Nick & Nora glass holds a Martini. The drink is slightly cloudy and decked with spots of pepper. A single pepper-stuffed olive is pierced on a silver skewer resting across the mouth of the glass.
CBD Dirty Martini
Negroni cocktail
Tom Collins cocktail garnished with a lemon wheel and cherry
Tom Collins
Boat House Punch
10 Refreshing Gin Cocktails to Try Right Now
Dry Martini in a v-shaped martini glass with lemon twist, and a sidecar on extra Martini in chilled carafe in the background
Dry Martini