Frozen/Blended Cocktails

There was a time when frozen drinks were synonymous with bad drinks: ice-clumped sugar bombs that masked the flavor of booze for the thrill of the brain freeze. No more. Blended cocktails today are as seriously crafted as any three-finger whiskey sipper. From the Piña Colada to the Frozen Margarita, check out one of these cooling drinks and starting blending.
Jet Pilot cocktail
Jet Pilot
Dirty Banana cocktail
Dirty Banana
Missionary's Downfall cocktail with pineapple and mint
Missionary’s Downfall
Bushwacker cocktail
Boozy snow cones
How to Make Boozy Snow Cones 3 Different Ways
Strawberry Margarita cocktail
Strawberry Margarita
Frozen Daiquiris
Frozen Daiquiri
Pandan-Coconut Kaki-tail
Pandan-Coconut Kaki-tail
Coco Batida
Coco Batida
Frozen Absinthe Frappé
Crush Crush
blue hawaii cocktail with paper umbrella against a red background
Blue Hawaii
Missionary's Downfall cocktail with pineapple and mint
22 Frozen Cocktails for Beating the Heat
pina colada cocktail in a hurricane glass with crushed ice
Piña Colada
miami vice cocktail on blue surface with green plants
Miami Vice
frozen margarita cocktail on cloth surface next to limes
Frozen Margarita
Bourbon Cider Slushie
Pearl Diver cocktail in a clear Tiki mug, garnished with a pineapple frond and orchid flower
Pearl Diver
Mudslide cocktail with chocolate shavings on top
Orange Sherbet Mimosa Punch
Strawberry Daiquiri in a Margarita glass garnished with an orchid.
Strawberry Daiquiri
Bourbon, Vanilla & Chocolate Milkshake recipe
Bourbon, Vanilla & Chocolate Milkshake
Watermelon White Wine Spritzer
Watermelon White Wine Spritzer
A collins glass rests on a bamboo mat. The drink within is bright, carrot-orange and blended with ice. It’s garnished with a lime wheel and mint sprig.
Cobra’s Fang
A clear Collins glass filled with a bright yellow slushie and garnished with crisp bacon
High on the Hog
A Collins glass on a gray stone surface is filled with a white, slushy drink blended up. It’s garnished with a sprig of mint.
5 Tips for Making the Best Blender Drinks
Watermelon-Blackberry Margarita popsicles on a plate with blackberries
Watermelon-Blackberry Margarita Popsicles
Drunken Snow Cones: 3 Easy Recipes
A glass Tiki mug sits on a bamboo mat. The glass is filled with a yellow slushy drink, and is garnished with an orchid, a paper umbrella, and an orange peel.
A curvy Hurricane glass rests on a slatted wooden surface against a sea blue wall. The glass holds a pale white blended coconut cocktail and is garnished with a pineapple wedge and a yellow and green straw.
Chi Chi Organico
Tasman Sea cocktail
Tasman Sea
Guinness Chocolate Float
two Strawberry Pisco Sour cocktails with thick, foamy heads
Strawberry Pisco Sour
two Pink Frozen Margaritas in rocks glasses with lime wheels poking out of their tops
Pink Frozen Margarita
Icy, peach-colored Guava Rose cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with a pink rose petal
Guava Rose
Poached Pear & Ginger Daiquiri
Lava Flow cocktail
Lava Flow
Blackberry Wine Slushie
Blackberry Wine Slushie
Two tall glasses sit on a wooden surface, a blue and white speckled wall behind them. The glasses are filled to the brim with a creamy white drink and are dusted with nutmeg.
Brandy Milk Punch
Sanka, Ya Dead?
Hailey's Comet cocktail
Hailey’s Comet
green-hued, slushy Miamian's Julep cocktail in a copper julep mug with mint garnish, served on a wooden table
Miamian’s Julep
A peach-colored cocktail served in a rocks glass over crushed ice and garnished with a pickled peach slice on a retro wooden pick
Tennessee Summertide
A large wine glass filled with vivid pink frosé is topped with bright berries and a verdant bunch of mint. The glass is set against a brick wall, and the shadow of its stem extends against a pale stone surface.
Triple Berry Chamomile Frosé
montego mule on a ledge, garnished with an umbrella
Montego Mule
A peeled coconut shell rests on a copper bar top. It’s filled with a bright pink flower, a curly pink plastic straw, a blue paper umbrella, two coconut fronds and shavings of coconut.
Cabana Club
Bath Time Cocktail
Bath Time
Huli Pau!
Frozen Negroni
Frozen Negroni
La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Deadbeat Daiquiri
Rum Cannonball
The focus is on a highball glass filled with ice and a drink that shifts from orange to green as it goes top to bottom. The glass is rimmed with spicy salt, and garnished with jalapeño, mint, cucumber, and lime. In the background, out of focus, is a Modelo bottle.
El Rey del Patio
frozen, blue-hued Blue Steele Slushie in a rocks glass
Blue Steele Slushie
A tall, thin glass holds a frothy pale drink, its surface dotted with brightly colored round sprinkles. The drink has two black bar straws and rests on a wooden table.
Italian Cookie
Pomelo Cream Fizz
A short glass on a wooden table is half full with a blended yellow drink. Half the rim is studded with salt.
Daiquiri No. 6