Sure, fall beckons with apples and pumpkins, and there are plenty of great cocktails to mix with these ingredients. But check out these recipes to explore what other flavors fall can bring into your glass today.
Thanksgiving Margarita
Thanksgiving Margarita
Chit-Cha Toddy
Chit-Cha Toddy
Pumpkin Sazerac
Pumpkin Sazerac
Pumpkin Buck cocktail
Pumpkin Buck
Stone Fence cocktail
8 Apple Brandy Cocktails to Try Right Now
Great Pumpkin cocktail
Great Pumpkin
Maple Old Fashioned
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Francophile cocktail
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Figgy Smalls cocktail
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Pear Tree Martini
11 Essential Cocktails for Your November Parties
Mama I'm Coming Home cocktail
11 Essential Cocktails for Your October Parties
Witches’ Brew
devil's margarita cocktail next to limes and red wine bottle
Devil’s Margarita
Grave Digger
A copper mug with a handle and hammered finish sits on a blank, blue backdrop. The mug is filled with ice, and garnished with fresh ripe cranberries and a slice of green apple.
Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule
two washington apple shots on a wooden table
Washington Apple Shot
two tumblers of Green Beast punch with cucumbers, sitting in front of a full punch bowl with ice, cucumbers and ladle
Green Beast
Paper Plane cocktail
Paper Plane
Bourbon Cider Slushie
Pumpkin Toddy
Hey, Gourdgeous cocktail
Hey, Gourdgeous
transfusion cocktail garnished with grapes and candied ginger
Boat House Punch
7 Great Batched Cocktails for Your Next Party
Pomegranate Concoctions to Try Now
An elegant coupe glass holds a bright red drink with a thin slice of lemon peel. The glass sits on a silver tray
Everything You Need to Know About Apple Brandy and Applejack
A detailed highball glass holds a bourbon-spiked sweet tea, a number of medium-sized ice cubes, a lemon wheel, and a sprig of mint, which drapes over the glass. The background is dark hard wood.
Bourbon Sweet Tea
green-hued grasshopper cocktail in a gold-rimmed coupe glass
Stone Fence cocktail in a collins glass with a mint sprig garnish, set beside an apple and cinnamon sticks
Stone Fence
Squash Cocktails
Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Not the Right Way to Use Squash in Drinks
A cocktail coupe sits on a wooden barrel, and is filled with an orange drink. A pinked lemon peel rests on the mouth of the glass.
Autumn Apple
Sangria cocktail
9 Red Wine Cocktails to Try Now
A short rocks glass with thin walls holds a vivid red-orange cocktail over a large, clear ice cube. A thin slice of orange peel is the only garnish, and the background of the photo is indistinct and hazy.
Apple Business cocktail with three skewered apple slices and a straw
Apple Business
Fall & Summer
Reddish-purple Concord Grape Margarita on ice, served in a smoked salt-rimmed rocks glass
Concord Grape Margarita
Tender Knob cocktail
Tender Knob
Figgy Smalls cocktail
5 Fig Cocktails You'll Want to Try This Fall
A rocks glass rests on a wooden board on a marble table. The glass is filled with an orange drink over a large ice cube with an orange peel.
Honey-Kissed Cosmopolitan
Two little glass mugs with small handles sit on burlap next to a lemon wedge. Both glasses are filled with a dark punch and garnished with a lemon slice.
USS Richmond Punch
A faceted rocks glass rests on a polished concrete surface. The glass holds ice cubes and a golden yellow drink topped with white foam and some chunks of apples.
Summer Rye
spiced pumpkin flip cocktail in a rocks glass with a frothy head and fresh nutmeg on top
Spiced Pumpkin Flip
Cider Delighter
20 Cocktails to Make This Fall
Royal Balmoral Punch
Royal Balmoral Punch
A Collins glass filled with a reddish-brown beer cocktail, garnished with an orange half wheel on a head of foam
Beggar’s Banquet
Jack O' Lantern Punch
Jack-o'-Lantern Punch
A wide and shallow coupe with a long, thin stem rests on a black marble surface. The glass holds a pale yellow cocktail and three slices of pear. The background is solid black.
Pear Tree Martini
Grassland Wallow
Jubilee cocktail in a stemless wine glass, garnished with three pear slices and fresh nutmeg
Cider Delighter
Cider Delighter
A rocks glass sits on a gray surface. It has a number of large ice cubes in it and a cloudy whiskey drink, garnished with a slice of apple.
Bowery Orchard
Goldwyn Follies cocktail
Goldwyn Follies
Autumn Wassail in a tall, thin toddy glass against a dark, slate-grey backdrop. A fan of three apple slices on a fancy skewer is the garnish.
Autumn Wassail
A thin-walled rocks glass sits on a concrete surface. The drink within is bright pink over ice cubes, with Concord grapes and basil leaves as a garnish.
Sacred Grape
Autumn Rickey cocktail
Autumn Rickey
Great Pumpkin cocktail
11 Pumpkin Cocktails to Try Right Now
Stranger in the Alps cocktail
Stranger in the Alps
orange-hued comrade cocktail in a short-stemmed coupe glass, garnished with a cinnamon stick balanced on the rim
Manzanasada cocktail in a collins glass, garnished with several diced red apple pieces
Tomahawk Punch
Tomahawk Punch