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One for the Road: Denver and Boulder

Get a Rocky Mountain high at these seven top Colorado bars.

Center Court Cocktails

Even if you can’t attend the US Open this year, you can at least drink like you’re inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Behind the Drink: The Black Russian

Master mixologist Gary Regan’s story about the birth of the classic Black Russian cocktail and how it evolved into the Mudslide.

Laborless Cocktails

Celebrate the holiday by mixing up two delicious drinks that require few ingredients and minimal preparation.

Gourmet Shot: Traci des Jardins

Enjoy this salad and cocktail recipe from one of San Francisco's top restaurants.

Highlight Reel: August

Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.

The Spritz

This bubbly, low-alcohol drink is the perfect all-day sipper.

One for the Road: Bartenders’ Bars

From New York to San Francisco, we found six spots where bartenders go to drink.

The Hot List: Coconut Water

The latest health-food-store best-seller to become a cocktail ingredient.

One for the Road: Historic Hotel Bars

These seven storied establishments serve up fine cocktails with a chaser of history.

Farmers’ Market Mixology

Drink in the summer with these fresh-vegetable cocktails.

Behind the Drink: The Hemingway Daiquiri

Separating fact from fiction about Ernest Hemingway’s favorite rum cocktail.

In Defense of Blender Cocktails

Talented mixologist and Liquor.com advisory board member Simon Ford explains why you should be making these frosty drinks.

Raising the Bar: Ryan Fitzgerald

Meet one of the country’s best new mixologists.

The Other Cobbler

People sipped this low-alcohol tipple to cool off before there was air conditioning. Try one of the 1830s’ most popular drinks.

Best Rooftop Bars

From New York to Colorado, drinkers are flocking to rooftop bars. Check out five of the best high-altitude watering holes in the country.

Behind the Bar: Summer Whiskey Cocktails

Cool down with these chilly bourbon cocktails from master mixologist Dale DeGroff.

The Great Outdoors

Everything you need to make drinks like a pro at a picnic, beach party or poolside celebration.

The Tale End: 2010

What we learned at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail convention in New Orleans.

Highlight Reel: July

Five of our best cocktails and spirits stories from the past month.

The Summer Spirit

Try these four complex spirits in your favorite gin cocktail.

Farm-Fresh Cocktails

The best bartenders in the country will go to great lengths to make amazing cocktails. Some are even growing their own ingredients.

Gourmet Shot: Rick Bayless

What’s the secret to a summer party? Refreshing Margaritas and gourmet bacon-and-tomato guacamole

Behind the Cocktail: The Mai Tai

The story of how this faux-Polynesian cocktail became a tropical classic.

A Drinker’s Tour: New Orleans

Talented bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Simon Ford shares nine favorite places to drink (and then recover) in the Big Easy.

Big Easy Classics

Can’t make it down to New Orleans? Try these three cocktail classics from NOLA.

Celebrating the Cocktail

Next week, top bartenders and spirits experts from around the world will be in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail.

Cup Cocktails

Make these soccer-inspired drinks during this weekend’s World Cup finals.

Spice It Up

Spiced rum is no longer just for fraternity parties. Try these six complex spirits.

American Made

This Fourth of July drink these five spirits produced in the United States.

Highlight Reel: June

Five of our best stories on cocktails and spirits from the past month.

Grand Slam Cocktails

Drink like a Wimbledon champion. Make these great cocktails from two our favorite British bartenders.

Raising the Bar: Eric Alperin

Meet one of the country’s best mixologists.

Behind the Bar: Versatile Vermouth

Vermouth is a key ingredient in Manhattans and Martinis, but it can be used in a number of different cocktails.

Making a Mark

After more than 50 years, Maker’s Mark is finally introducing a new bourbon.

Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Find the perfect last-minute gift for your dad just in time for the holiday.

Gourmet Shot: David Burke

The perfect gourmet pairing for summer.

Behind the Drink: The Tom Collins

The story of who actually created this classic and enduring summer cocktail.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Turn fresh ripe berries into a range of delicious cocktails.

Cheat Sheet: Bourbon

How to quickly find a new whiskey you’ll love.

The Top Shelf: Scotch

Five of the rarest single malt whiskies on Earth.

A Cold One

Seasonal beer cocktails are now appearing on bar menus.

Raising the Bar: Julie Reiner

Get to know one of New York City’s pioneering master mixologists.

The Hot List: Summer Cocktails

Find out what ingredients you should be using in cocktails this season.

Best Airport Bars

You’ll be happy to spend a flight delay at these airport bars.

Beach Reads

Four books on spirits and cocktails worth packing for your summer trip.

Raising the Bar: Jacques Bezuidenhout

Get to know the South African master mixologist and tequila expert.

Gourmet Shot: John Besh’s Eye Opener

A traditional New Orleans cocktail and breakfast.

Behind the Drink: The Cosmo

Find out who created this super popular, ubiquitous cocktail.

History Shot: New York City

A guide to some of the Big Apple’s legendary drinking establishments and sites.
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