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Sipping Vodka

Vodka that not only packs alcohol but also flavor.

Big Play Cocktails

Drinks for the Super Bowl that mix beer and spirits.

Cigar Bar

How to pair a stogie with your favorite spirits and cocktails.

An Early Taste of Spring

Whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, here’s a cocktail to get you through the next six weeks.

Carry-on Cocktails

Mixing drinks at 35,000 feet.

An Apple a Day

The colonial favorite applejack is once again popular.

One for the Road: Drinking in Rio

From Ipanema to Santa Teresa, drink like a Rio native.

The Century Club

Two spirits brands that have survived the test of time.

High-Proof Recipes

How to add alcohol to your favorite food recipes.

A Whisky Toast

Honor Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, with a toast and a fine dram.

Mezcal’s Moment

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to Mexico's other agave-based spirit.

Brother, Can you Spare a Martini?

High-end bars across the country are cutting prices and offering drink specials to lure in patrons.

Behind the Bar: The Art of Becoming a Regular

Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff’s tips on how to find your local.

The Real Hot Toddy

To keep warm this winter try this traditional cocktail recipe.

Cocktails Without the Sugar Rush

Bartenders across the country are using all-natural agave nectar to sweeten drinks.

Vodka Your Way

How to make your own flavored vodka.

One for the Road: Washington, D.C.

Imbibe in the Beltway like a real Washington mover and shaker.

Cocktails and Cards

Get the real deal on what poker champs drink.

Drink Locally

The rise of the American craft distiller.

The Art of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Festive cocktails made without spirits.

Cask Strength

How to buy a barrel of whiskey.

Rum’s Revival

The resurgence of tiki bars across the country.

Secret Bartending Ingredient: Egg Whites

Why you should use egg whites in your cocktail.

An Adult’s Guide to Absinthe

How to make cocktails with the Green Fairy.

New Drinking Rules for 2010

Your Liquor Resolutions for 2010.

The Hot List: Cocktail Ingredients

What cocktail ingredients to use in 2010.

A Sparkling Occasion

From Champagne and prosecco to cava, find the perfect bottle of sparkling wine for your New Year's Eve.

On the Bubble

Ring in the New Year with these champagne cocktails.

Best New Spirits of 2009

The top tequila and bourbon of 2009.

Last Minute Cocktails

Make these quick and easy cocktails from ingredients you already own.

Holiday Cocktail Conundrum

What to drink with your fruitcake.

Shake Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t get stuck behind the bar at your next party.

Your Signature Drink

How to make an original holiday cocktail.

Holiday Gift Guide: Books for the Drinker

What liquor books you should be giving this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide: Scotch

What Scotch you should be giving this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide: The High Roller Drinker

If money was no object this would be our holiday wish list.

Holiday Gift Guide: Rum

What rum you should be giving this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Home Bar

Holiday gifts for the home bartender.

Ice Age

The extremes that bartenders go for the perfect cube of ice.

Taming Your Liquor Cabinet

It’s time to clean out the liquor cabinet before your holiday guests arrive.

The Big Apple Cocktail

Warm up with this traditional apple-based cocktail.

Lowland Whiskies: The Gentler Side of Scotch

The case for drinking Lowland Whiskies.

Behind the Hotel Bar

Learn bartending from the pros while on vacation.

Cocktail Shortcuts: Gourmet Mixers

What's the secret to good cocktails? Quality spirits and gourmet mixers.

Beefeater 24 Gin: A Twist on an Old Classic

Beefeater 24 Gin seamlessly combines the traditional with the exotic.

Ludacris: Rapping About Cognac

You listen to Ludacris’ music, you see his movies and now you can drink his cognac.

One for the Road: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is once again a cocktail town.

Bitter Basics

The Rise and Fall of Cocktail Bitters.

Leftover Cocktails

Wake up from your turkey coma with one of these tasty cocktails.

How to Turn Wine Into Cocktails

A recipe for making cocktails out of extra red wine.
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