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An International Bar Crawl

Bars around the globe will celebrate the birth of the cocktail.

Derby Day

Mix up the Mint Julep three different ways.

Tokyo Drift

Japanese bar culture and techniques are making their way across the Pacific.

Green Day

Six simple tips on becoming an eco-responsible drinker.

Straight Shot: In Defense of Vodka

Master mixologist Dushan Zaric on the popular spirit’s key role in the rebirth of the cocktail.

Straight from the Still

Un-aged whiskey is one of the hottest spirit categories now.

Tax Break

Spend your refund on these five bottles.

Last Call

A nightcap is the perfect way to end an evening.

All About Açai

The newest super fruit is showing up in spirits and cocktail recipes.

Gourmet Shot: Breakfast with Charlie Palmer

Pair a Bloody Mary with a potato, shrimp and pepper frittata.

Behind the Bar: Pitcher Cocktails

Tips for mixing up big batches of your favorite drinks.

Cocktails and Curveballs

Watch baseball in style at these upscale stadium bars.

April Fool’s Martini

A cocktail that tricks the mind and the eye.

One for the Road: Philadelphia

Philly’s historic bar scene dates back to the beginning of this country.

Pisco Possibilities

Find out more about the national spirit of both Chile and Peru.

Cocktails with Tony Abou-Ganim

The Modern Mixologist shares two of his favorite recipes.

In Defense of Blended Scotch

Why you should be drinking whisky blends.

Shaking Up Spas

Just because you’re getting a massage doesn’t mean you can’t have a cocktail.

The Rum Diary

As the weather gets warmer it’s time for tropical drinks and white rum.

Gourmet Shot: Spiked Barbecue Sauce

Punch up your BBQ with some bourbon.

Best Irish Bars

From New York to San Francisco, the best American pubs.

The Tools of the Trade

From a shaker and a jigger to a muddler, everything you need to mix up cocktails for less than $50.

Saintly Whiskey

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with one of these three spirits from the Emerald Isle.

Cocktails To Wake Up To

Clear away the morning fog the old fashioned way with stiff drinks.

A Liquid Education

Learn about cocktails and spirits from the country’s top bartenders.

Gourmet Shot: Tom Colicchio

A look inside the celebrity chef and Top Chef judge’s liquor cabinet.

One for the Road: Festival Guide

From WhiskyFest and the Manhattan Cocktail Classic to Tales of the Cocktail, your guide to the spirited travel season.

Learning to Love Orange Liqueur

From Cointreau and Grand Marnier to Combier, a guide to orange-flavored spirits.

Red Carpet Cocktails

As you watch the Academy Awards, mix up these Hollywood classics.

Mobile Mixology

Restaurants and bars across the country are adding tableside bar service.

Cocktail Escapism

If you can’t get to this beach, you can at least drink like you’re there.

Collector’s Edition

From Scotch and bourbon to cognac, collecting vintage spirits.

Behind the Bar: Cocktail DNA

How to turn one simple recipe into hundreds of drinks.

Pickle Power

New York City’s hottest drink combines whiskey and a brine chaser.

One for the Road: Seattle’s Thriving Bar Scene

From Pike Place to Belltown, the best places to drink.

Gold Medal Cocktails

An Olympic-level challenge yields a cocktail destined for the top medal spot.

The Savvy Guide to Scotch

Why older and more expensive whisky isn’t always better.

Liquor Cabinet Upgrade

Mixologist Aisha Sharpe’s tips on stocking your home bar.

Bourbon-Flavored Beer

It's becoming increasingly popular for brewers to use old whiskey barrels.

Rockin’ Tequila

Rockers Sammy Hagar and Vince Neil have new gigs fronting tequila brands.

Chef’s Table: Drinking with Eric Ripert

Pairing gourmet chocolate mousse with rum.

Behind the Bar: Etiquette

From tipping to sending back a drink, Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff’s guide to barroom etiquette.

President’s Day Cocktails

Historic drinks for the long Presidents’ Day weekend.

In the Mood for Love

Cocktails with an aphrodisiac boost.

Packing Heat

How to warm up after a day on the slopes.

Adult Ginger Ale

Ginger beer is making a comeback. Check out our taste test of the most popular brands.

Whisky Straight Up

The rules on how to drink—and taste—Scotch.

Sipping Vodka

Vodka that not only packs alcohol but also flavor.

Big Play Cocktails

Drinks for the Super Bowl that mix beer and spirits.

Cigar Bar

How to pair a stogie with your favorite spirits and cocktails.
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