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11 Tequila Cocktails to Try Right Now

Go beyond the basic Margarita.

Meet the Man Who Helped Kick Off London’s Latest Gin Craze

He paved the way for a full-fledged gin revival in the spirit’s native land.

This NYC Bar Director Really Knows His Booze—And Thinks You Shouldn’t Live Without These 5 Bottles

Trust him. He has worked at at some of the best bars in New York City.

Your Cocktail Comes With a Real Frostbitten Toe At This Canadian Bar

Order the Sourtoe Cocktail at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada and you’d better be ready to take the name seriously.
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This Tequila Found Its Secret Weapon. In France.

How a different kind of barrel leads to a one-of-a-kind tequila.

Soju in :60

Soju is probably the most popular spirit that most Americans know next to nothing about. A lot of people think of it as the Korean version of sake. But those people would be wrong. Discover everything you need to know about the best-selling spirit in the world—in just 60 seconds.

Why This Bar Uses Salt in Some of Its Drinks

How and why this Dallas bar has a thing for salt.

This Royal Wedding Pop-Up Bar Is The Next Best Thing To The Real Thing

If you can’t make it to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding at St. George’s Chapel in May, just head to Washington D.C. instead.

Rosé Glitter Marshmallows Are About To Make Your S’mores Even More Instagram Worthy

Time to pile on the summer trends because the warm weather is almost here. Rosé glitter marshmallows are no longer a millennial pink fantasy—they’re here to make your s’mores look Insta-worthy at every campfire you encounter in the coming months. XO Marshmallow uses rosé with flavors of cherry and raspberries to make the sweet treat and […]

Moscow Mule Beer Is Making All Your Summer Dreams Come True

San Diego-based Ballast Point released Moscow Mule Ale this week, the brewery’s first nationally distributed cocktail-inspired beer.

Crisis (Maybe) Averted: Inside the Remaking of Tales of the Cocktail

What it will take to save the beloved cocktail festival.

How One Scottish Whisky Maker Is Dredging Up the Past

Unearthing the old ways with scotch.
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4 Reasons Bars Need More Than One Jamaican Rum

A single bottle isn’t enough for a complete cocktail program.

8 Rum Aficionados Begin the Journey to Jamaica

The search is on for the Jamaican difference. Watch as eight rum aficionados leave home and travel to Appleton Estate, seeking the source of Jamaican rum’s one-of-a-kind flavor. What exactly do these spirit and cocktail pros find on the island? You’ll have to stay tuned.
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8 Cocktails to Drink on Cinco de Mayo Instead of a Margarita

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a different—but equally delicious—tequila cocktail.

Your Horoscope in Cocktails: May 2018

It’s time to listen up and find out what your zodiac sign has in store for you—at least in terms of cocktails.

When You Can’t Choose Between Beer and Wine, This Hybrid Is For You

The best days are the ones where the toughest decision you have to make is what to drink. But the next time you’re waffling between beer and wine, just choose Dogfish Head’s new Mixed Media ale and call it a day. The ferment is 51 percent grains and 49 percent late-harvest viognier grapes, making the […]

2 Rare Whiskies Just Sold for $1.2M

A pair of 1926 Macallan whiskies sold this week for a record $1.2 million, making each bottle the most expensive bottle ever sold.

7 Distilleries That Let You Get In on the Fun

Nothing quite like drinking at the source.

Boxed Whiskey, Vodka and Tequila Are Here Just In Time For Summer

You can now purchase boxed whiskey, vodka and tequila in several states from Black Box, the producer of award-winning wines sold in a box.

First Hotel In the Middle of an Agave Field Opens

You can now spend the night inside a giant barrel right in the middle of Casa Cofradia’s agave fields in Tequila, experiencing everything the tequila heaven has to offer.

6 New Funky Gins to Try

Bring on the funk.
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And check out the Manhattans that earned them a trip to the New York City finale.

French Fries Are The Perfect Pairing For Champagne

What if the perfect champagne pairing was actually America’s favorite junk food?

Even the Pope Loves Pappy Van Winkle

When Father Jim Sichko visited the Pope in Rome this month he brought one of the most coveted bottles of liquor out there—the rare, 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle.
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3 Rules for Making Tequila the Right Way

What everyone in the tequila business really needs to remember.
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How Bars Are Changing in the Age of #MeToo

An important work in progress.

7 Gin Bottles to Try Right Now

The bottles to get excited about.

Home Bar Basics: Which Bitters Are Best for You?

Find your most essential bitters.

11 Gin Cocktails to Make at Home Now

Start shaking. And stirring.

Think You’re a Whiskey Expert? Glenlivet is Challenging You to The Test

Glenlivet Code is a new, limited edition single malt debuted with absolutely no information about its casks or flavor profile.
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