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French Fries Are The Perfect Pairing For Champagne

What if the perfect champagne pairing was actually America’s favorite junk food?

Even the Pope Loves Pappy Van Winkle

When Father Jim Sichko visited the Pope in Rome this month he brought one of the most coveted bottles of liquor out there—the rare, 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle.
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3 Rules for Making Tequila the Right Way

What everyone in the tequila business really needs to remember.
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How Bars Are Changing in the Age of #MeToo

An important work in progress.

7 Gin Bottles to Try Right Now

The bottles to get excited about.

Home Bar Basics: Which Bitters Are Best for You?

Find your most essential bitters.

11 Gin Cocktails to Make at Home Now

Start shaking. And stirring.

Think You’re a Whiskey Expert? Glenlivet is Challenging You to The Test

Glenlivet Code is a new, limited edition single malt debuted with absolutely no information about its casks or flavor profile.

Bud Light Just Debuted Bud Light Orange

This week Anheuser-Busch announced the launch of Bud Light Orange, a light lager brewed with real orange peels.
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How Old Is the Rum in That Bottle, Really?

The number on the bottle doesn’t always tell the whole story.

These Are the Bottles Gabriella Mlynarczyk Would Bring on a Desert Island

The L.A. bartender extraordinaire’s favorites.
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9 Bartenders Discover the Right Way to Make Tequila

These expert cocktail makers recognize good craftsmanship. And they found plenty of it in Mexico.

Gordon’s Is Recruiting Gin Tasters

Gordon’s gin is looking for tasters to lend their thoughts on three new summer 2018 flavors.

Frozen Palomas May Be Coming To Chipotle

Just in time for summer, Chipotle may release a new frozen cocktail.

Peep-Infused Beer Is Here

It’s officially Peep season—the one time of year anyone pretends to like the adorable marshmallow creations that are more fun to microwave than eat. And that means people are doing more weird stuff to the sticky, seasonal creatures. Collective Brewing Project, the same mad scientists that brought us ramen beer last year, is releasing a […]

Beer Foam Art Is About To Blow Up Your Instagram Feed

Beer Ripples is a 3D printing machine for beer, making art within 11 seconds with “malt-based ink.”
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The Search for the Jamaican Difference Begins

What is it about Jamaican rum that makes it unlike anything else.

7 Great Whiskeys Finished in Beer Barrels

That finished touch is magic.

Is Your Favorite Rum as Old as It Says It Is?

The ins and outs of aging labels.

Bon Jovi Is Releasing His Own Rosé—And It’s Already Sold Out

The Livin’ on a Prayer singer announced he’ll debut his own rosé wine this year—and it’s so popular it’s already sold out to distributors.

5 Hottest New American Bars Right Now

Get your travel plans going.
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5 Cocktails That Make the Most of Aged Rum

These recipes are an amazing way to try a delicious new spirit.
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This BACARDÍ Legacy Finalist Wants to Bring the Bar and Kitchen Closer Together

Luis Hernandez thinks the food and cocktail menu should play off one another.

If You Love Gin & Tonics and Coffee, Starbucks Just Made Your Dreams Come True

The sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage is served as a twist on a gin and tonic.
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Why It’s Time to Start Loving Black Strap Rum

Check out how Bacardi has reimagined the unsung style of rum.
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The Art of Aging: Disturbed vs. Undisturbed

There’s far more to aging rum than simply waiting.
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