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These Are the Only 3 Mulled Rum Cocktails You’ll Ever Need

Dec 14, 2017

Stay warm. And well-rummed.

Nuts for Pecans? Go Drink These Cocktails in Bars Across the USA.

Dec 12, 2017

The nut is everywhere right now.

The Only Way To Kill the Germs In Your Drink Is With Whiskey

Dec 11, 2017

When you’re sitting down to imbibe in a good cocktail at a bar, the last thing you want to think about is how much bacteria is in your drink. But no matter how good the bar, between the garnishes sitting out and the ice in your drink, it’s there. Most of it won’t harm you, […]

The Proper Way to Store Your Liquor

Dec 06, 2017

Everyone has it—that one bottle of alcohol sitting in the back of the freezer or tucked away in a cabinet somewhere, so old you can’t even remember when you bought it. It sits largely unused, aside from the rare occasion you find yourself pulling it out from its hiding place and wondering, Can this really […]

Did Making Pappy Van Winkle Jell-O Shots Get This Bar Banned?

Dec 06, 2017

Known as one of the finest bourbons in the world, Pappy Van Winkle is a rare find these days. It’s unknown how many cases are available each year, and prices have risen to insane amounts (we’re talking $1,500 a bottle). So if you happen to get your hands on one, or even a taste, it’s […]

Pizza Hut Could Soon Be Delivering Booze Near You

Dec 05, 2017

There’s nothing better than pizza and beer, right? So if you’re going to order Pizza Hut, you may as well get some beer to go with it. Or, if you’re too lazy to head to the store to pick up a six-pack, you may as well just order a pizza? That’s what Pizza Hut is […]

Funky Rum. Everything You Need to Know About the Booming Trend.

Dec 01, 2017

Is funk a good thing in rum? Yup, it sure is.

5 Bloody Mary Variations That Might Change How You Think About the Classic

Dec 01, 2017

So much tomato juice. So little time.

11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now: December 2017

Dec 01, 2017

The month ahead in American cocktails.

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Applebee’s Has $1 Long Island Iced Teas All December

Nov 30, 2017

If you have already blown your holiday gift budget but still need a drink, head to Applebee’s. The chain restaurant is offering Long Island Ice Teas all December for just $1. Applebee’s offered Margaritas for $1 in October as part of Neighborhood Appreciation Month and likely to drum up excitement for the chain, which is […]

Your Favorite Brunch Cocktail Just Became a Potato Chip

Nov 30, 2017

Potato chip flavors are so wacky these days nothing seems to surprise us. We’re actually amazed it took so long for these Bloody Mary chips to exist. After all, we were swooning over Moscow Mule chips last year. While they’re obviously alcohol-free, Kettle Brand’s new chip was designed to capture all the flavors of a classic Bloody […]

Jim Beam Just Introduced A Smart Decanter That Can Pour You a Shot With Voice Command

Nov 29, 2017

Technology does a lot for us these days. Between Alexa and Siri, we thought we had most of our easy tasks outsourced to the robots by now. But then we learned about a new bot that could pour us whiskey. Jim Beam introduced the world’s first smart decanter, JIM, today, which can do everything from […]

You Can Now Make Your Own Sparkling Wine With Your SodaStream

Nov 29, 2017

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard, you’ve probably also imagined crafting that perfect bottle of wine that’s all your own. Now you can, minus the vineyard. That is, if you own a SodaStream. The popular seltzer-making company announced today you can now make your own sparkling wine with limited-edition Sparkling Gold concentrate. […]

Do We Need a Better Way to Think About Rum?

Nov 28, 2017

Rum is confusing. Maybe an expert has an answer.

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With Rum, It’s All About the Age

Nov 28, 2017

Why a number is the best way to understand rum.

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What Makes Funky Rum So Funky?

Nov 28, 2017

Everything you need to know about hogo rum.

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History’s Great Sips: The Bacardí Cocktail

Nov 28, 2017

From the courtroom to the competition circuit, 100 years of an iconic cocktail.

This New Spirit Is Distilled From Spit Bucket Wine

Nov 27, 2017

If you’ve been wine tasting before, you’re familiar with the spit bucket. This less-than-glamorous vessel is essential if you’re trying to make it through a long day of sipping without getting so drunk you can’t remember your name. But what do they do with all that extra wine? Most wineries dispose of it, of course, […]

Budweiser Hopes to be the First Beer on Mars

Nov 27, 2017

When Budweiser announced it wanted to be the first beer on Mars back in March at South by Southwest, we’ll admit we were skeptical. There are a lot of high-tech, modern trends in the booze world, but this one just seemed a bit far-fetched. Last week, Budweiser’s innovation team released its first step in the […]

Ready for 2018? These Trends Will Be the Year in Drinks.

Nov 27, 2017

Five trends to watch for.

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Relive the Action from the Tequila Herradura Legends Finale

Nov 27, 2017

See what happens when incredible bartenders compete at the last true tequila-producing hacienda.

11 Essential Cocktails for Your December Parties

Nov 27, 2017

Parties! Yes, please!

10 Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Hosts Who Have Everything

Nov 22, 2017

Nothing like a good present.

These Are the Drunkest Cities In Every State

Nov 21, 2017

Imbibing one too many drinks around the holidays happens to the best of us. But according to new data from the CDC analyzed by 24/7 Wall St, some cities may be drinking more than others. The company broke down the metropolitan areas reporting the highest levels of binge and heavy drinking in each state. Are you […]

11 Holiday Cocktails to Make at Home Right Now

Nov 21, 2017

Get in the spirit!

Love Whiskey? Try This Rum.

Nov 20, 2017

The rum for whiskey lovers.

Really Good Tiki: Martin Cate on What Makes a Great Tiki Bar

Nov 20, 2017

The Tiki maestro talks about the genre and where it’s at these days.

The Next Generation of Spiced Rum Will Make You a Believer

Nov 17, 2017

What’s happening in the world of spiced rum.

The Right Drink. For Every Bit of the Thanksgiving Meal.

Nov 17, 2017

Five drinks for five iconic dishes.

6 Extremely Useful Tips for Holiday Menus That Make Sense for Your Bar

Nov 16, 2017

How to do the holidays right for your guests.

Are We Witnessing the Birth of American Agricole?

Nov 16, 2017

Everything you should know about the secret handshake of the rum world.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Manhattan

Nov 14, 2017

All hail the almighty Manhattan. As iconic as it is potent, the whiskey cocktail, which is believed to have first been mixed in New York City in the late 1800s, has stood the test of time. If you’re looking to master a classic that will impress your friends as well as get them a nice buzz, the […]

This Lock Keeps Your Favorite Liquor Safe

Nov 13, 2017

If you’ve ever acquired a bottle of booze so special that you want to give it extra security, this genius product is just what you’ve been looking for. This combination lock protects bottles of wine or liquor from being opened with a three-digit code you can change at any time. It also acts as a […]

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Experience Cognac Like Never Before at Hennessy’s Le Grand Voyage

Nov 10, 2017

Go to Brooklyn for an immersive, sensory trip to the Cognac region of France.

Man Pays $10K For a Shot of Whiskey and Finds Out It Was a Fake

Nov 09, 2017

Unique, rare whiskey is worth the high price tag—at least that’s what rising prices of Pappy Van Winkle and other scarce spirits seem to indicate. But with the increase in fraud throughout the booze industry, how can you be sure that what you’re drinking is actually what the bottle promises? Zhang Wei, a 36-year-old author […]

How to Drink Rum in Barbados

Nov 09, 2017

Have you met a rum shop before?

If You Love Capri Sun Pouches, This Boozy Twist Was Made For You

Nov 09, 2017

There are so many different ways you can taste and learn about new spirits these days. You can attend events, head to your local liquor store or try out a local artisan distiller. There are even boozy advent calendars. A recently launched U.K.-based whiskey club is making a name for itself by doing things a […]

Yes, You Can Absolutely Be a Bartender and a Parent. But There Are Challenges.

Nov 09, 2017

Here’s what a few who are doing both think is key.

How to Help North Bay Fire Victims

Nov 08, 2017

While one of the worst disasters in Northern California history may be over, the weeks and months following such an event are some of the hardest. Wildfires in the area killed 43 people and burned more than 100,000 acres, destroying more than 8,900 homes. We’ve rounded up the events you can attend this month to […]

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The Sweet Lowdown on Spiced Rum

Nov 08, 2017

BACARDÍ doubles down with Oakheart.

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