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What Cocktail Won the 2018 Tequila Herradura Legends Competition?

Oct 24, 2017

It took skill and talent to reach the Tequila Herradura Legends finale. But there could only be one winner, which turned out to be Boston’s Naomi Levy. It was an intense and unforgettable competition, with all the finalists creating original recipes that are distinct, innovative and—above all—delicious. Check out the cocktails that got these bartenders […]

This New York Bartender Thinks You Should Drink More Rum

Oct 23, 2017

Shannon Mustipher knows from good rum. And great drinks.

This Is How Chocolate and a Family Business Won This Bartender a Fancy Cocktail Competition

Oct 23, 2017

Talking with the 2017 Bacardi Legacy winner, Ran Van Ongevalle

Learn the Fernet-Branca Handshake

Oct 21, 2017

When someone orders Fernet-Branca, the bartender will typically reply, “Where do you work?” That’s because the delightfully bitter spirit is a favorite among industry insiders. So much so that ordering Fernet-Branca is a secret handshake for bartenders. The handshake started in San Francisco but has since spread to Chicago, New York and even the general […]

San Francisco Bartenders Created the Fernet-Branca Handshake

Oct 21, 2017

Order Fernet-Branca at any bar, and they’ll assume you work in the industry. It’s the Fernet-Branca handshake, a greeting that started with San Francisco bartenders. See why this tradition could only start in one city.

New York Bartenders Have Embraced the Bitter Life

Oct 21, 2017

Ordering Fernet-Branca at a New York City bar used to mean one thing: You were a bartender visiting from San Francisco. Of course, Fernet-Branca is now enjoyed by nonbartenders and locals. But the Fernet-Branca handshake lives on as a special greeting among bartenders. Check out why New Yorkers have embraced the delightfully bitter spirit.

This Genius Pop-up Lets You Enjoy Prosecco in a Giant Ball Pit

Oct 19, 2017

If the ball pit was your favorite part of the play zone when you were a kid, you’re in luck. Events featuring a giant ball pit and prosecco bars are popping up across the U.K. and may soon land in the U.S. Tipsy attendees can dive into more than 250,000 balls, along with 1,000 inflatables. […]

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Get to Know the Tequila Herradura Legends Winners and Finalists

Oct 18, 2017

Twenty-five bartenders arrived in Mexico for the Tequila Herradura Legends finale. Each finalist took a different route to Casa Herradura, using their own style and background to reach the last true tequila-producing hacienda. Naomi Levy walked away from the hacienda the champion, with Christian Suzuki-Orellana and Ryan Puckett finishing close behind. Even though they were […]

This New Product Wants to Make Drinking In the Shower Even Easier

Oct 16, 2017

No matter how you feel about the concept of drinking in the shower, it’s a phenomenon that isn’t going anywhere. Perpetuated by college kids and people that love wasting time under a constant stream of hot water, it doesn’t seem like a ritual with much need for improvement. You simply open a beer and take it […]

This American Bar Is Frozen in the Early 20th Century. Will It Be Able to Stay That Way?

Oct 16, 2017

Every piece of bar equipment, furniture and art pre-dates 1930.

This Self-Driving Fridge Comes When You Call For a Beer

Oct 16, 2017

If you didn’t think you could possibly get any lazier, we’ve found your perfect new appliance. Panasonic unveiled the prototype for Ku last month, a voice-activated fridge that comes when you call. It uses LIDAR and special sensors to navigate and map your home, much like a Roomba. Panasonic said it designed the appliance with […]

What Will Trump’s Trade Policies Mean for Tequila?

Oct 13, 2017

With NAFTA on the rocks, the Mexican booze industry is poised for an uncertain future.

Washington, DC, Is Having a Rum Moment. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It.

Oct 13, 2017

The nation’s capital has gone a little crazy for rum recently.

Campari Ring Pops Are Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Oct 12, 2017

Ah, ring pops. Those sweet diamond-shaped candies were the stuff of childhood dreams, worn on your finger like a little trophy you could eat all day—until your hands ended up a stained, sticky mess. Playing to our nostalgia, candy company Sweet Saba has teamed up with Campari to create a special-edition candy crystal cocktail ring […]

What Does It Take to Create a Bartending Legacy?

Oct 12, 2017

.Possibly the greatest achievement a bartender could hope for is to have a recipe enjoyed throughout the world and for decades to come. The USBG Legacy competition gives bartenders the opportunity to make that happen. Previous winners and finalists share how to make a splash in the global competition.

You Can Buy Oreo Beer at the State Fair of Texas

Oct 11, 2017

The nation’s recent obsession with Oreos continues to heat up. From constantly changing flavors to cocktails to edible boozy twists, America’s favorite sandwich cookie is an unstoppable force. Now, the chocolate and creamy goodness has invaded our beer, thanks to some crazy minds at this year’s State Fair of Texas. While we expect to see out-of-this-world […]

This Bar Has 100 Cocktails on Its Happy Hour Menu. Is It the World’s Craziest Happy Hour Menu?

Oct 11, 2017

Most happy-hour menus trot out a handful of drinks to lure people through the door during those quiet moments before the real drinking starts. But at NYC’s Suffolk Arms, the oversize laminated menu contains more than a hundred different cocktails. And yes, they’re all marked down until the clock chimes 7 p.m. Proprietor Giuseppe González […]

Whiskey Christmas Ornaments Are Available For You To Hang On Your Tree This Year

Oct 10, 2017

Christmas tree ornaments always did seem a little … useless? Sure, they’re pretty and all, glittering within the green branches during December, but at the end of the season, they’re packed up and stored for another 11 months of exile. Luckily, a U.K. distillery just transformed the traditional pine tree adornment into a vessel of […]

You Can Sleep in a Giant Wine Barrel in Washington Wine Country

Oct 09, 2017

If you’ve ever been inside a wine cellar, you know what a serene, relaxing place it can be. You’re surrounded by the faint smell of wine and wood, the temperature is cool, and the lighting is dim. Who wouldn’t want to curl up and take a nap? Now, you can. Visitors to the southeastern wine […]

These 3 States Brew the Best Beer in the US

Oct 09, 2017

While Coloradans everywhere are likely still nursing a craft-beer-induced hangover, breweries all over the country are celebrating huge wins earned at last week’s Great American Beer Festival. The largest ticketed beer event showcased 266 medal-winning breweries, and 293 total medals were awarded. The festival broke down the medals won by ratio of medals to entries […]

15 Words You Need to Know to Instantly Increase Your Booze Knowledge

Oct 04, 2017

Maybe you’re new to the world of spirits or maybe you’ve been dabbling for a while. Either way, knowing the right terminology can separate the rookies from the masters, especially if you plan to actually get behind a bar. We’ve compiled a list of advanced drinking terms that will really up your booze cred. Angel’s […]

What Inspires the Talented Finalists of the Tequila Herradura Legends Competition?

Oct 03, 2017

The slate is set for the finale of the Tequila Herradura Legends competition. Bartenders will be traveling to Mexico for the experience of a lifetime. They’ll get a VIP distillery tour at the last true tequila-producing hacienda on the planet, explore popular and historic attractions and—most importantly—face off for the grand prize in the global […]

BeerCoin Is The Virtual Currency You’ve Been Waiting For

Oct 03, 2017

Bitcoin isn’t exactly easy to understand or use for the average consumer. The worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system may not have caught on across the nation yet, but we just found a new currency we can definitely get on board with. BeerCoin is virtual money you can send to friends as a form of […]

111-Year-Old Man Proves Whiskey Is the Key to a Long Life

Sep 29, 2017

If you’ve made it to 111 years old, you may as well enjoy your favorite things every day. At least that’s what Richard Overton, the oldest man in the U.S., does. Overton, born in 1906, spends most of his days sitting on his front porch in Austin, Texas, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. He still […]

Want The Perfect Rum? Do Like These Bars And Blend Your Own

Sep 29, 2017

These bars are taking rum to a whole new level.

This Is What It’s Like to Have 12,000 Bottles in Your Home Bar

Sep 29, 2017

Talking rum with one fervent collector.

Vodka Ice Cream Is A Dream Come True

Sep 28, 2017

There’s plenty of boozy ice cream on the market, from big name brands like Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s to small artisan shops. But most of the stuff you’ll find in the supermarket or ice cream parlor doesn’t actually contain much alcohol at all. Arctic Buzz is doing things a little differently. The Baltimore-based company teamed up […]

Florida Breweries Band Together to Create Irma IPA

Sep 27, 2017

Hurricanes have brought devastation across the nation this year, destroying homes and leaving countless victims in need of basic supplies like water and electricity. Breweries and alcohol companies have stepped up big time to help, halting beer production in favor of canning water and even donating money to save abandoned pets. This week in Florida, […]

This Brewery Is Hiring a Professional Beer Taste Tester

Sep 27, 2017

If your dream job involves drinking beer all day (whose doesn’t?) and talking about the nuances of hops, malt and more, you’re in luck. London-based Meantime Brewing Company is searching for a team member to taste-test new products. This person needs to be passionate about beer and have advanced knowledge of the beverage. Basically, you need to […]

All the Ways in Which This Whiskey Bar Mastered the Magic of Drinking Whiskey

Sep 27, 2017

Portland’s Multnomah Whiskey Library nails it.

5 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About the Old Fashioned

Sep 26, 2017

With the cocktail revolution came the resurgence of classic cocktails across the nation. Bartenders no longer stared at you blankly when you ordered an Old Fashioned, waiting for you to change your mind to a Jack and Coke. And what’s even better, those same bartenders actually knows how to make a proper Old Fashioned now—no […]

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