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Everything to Know About the Kegged Cocktail Trend

Not new. But very much alive still.

Fire Destroys 65K Liters of Rum in Jamaica

A fire broke out in a sugar cane field yesterday in Trelawny, Jamaica, destroying more than 65,000 liters of rum.

Meet the Indiana Jones of Mezcal

He travels through rural Mexico in search of truly traditional mezcal.

A Rosé Mansion Opened In NYC and It’s Perfect for Instagram

Visitors can wander through the mansion while sipping rosé from around the world, all the while learning the history, science and economics of the trendy pink drink.

4 Rosé Cocktails You Absolutely Need This Summer

The pink wine. But kind of better.

Indian Whiskey Brand Is The Best Selling Whiskey In The World

The best-selling whiskey in the world is not only one you’ve probably never tried, you’ve likely never even heard of it.

How Do You Follow Up a Successful Speakeasy? Turn the Lights Up Bright.

A D.C. bartender has a plan for the speakeasy genre.

Plastic Straws Are Officially Out. It’s Time To Invest In A Reusable Option.

As companies like Starbucks and American Airlines pledge to phase out plastic straws, it's time you did too.

The Next Phase in Beer Cocktails. It’s Happening Now.

There’s always something new to experience.

Angry Orchard Debuts Rosé Hard Cider Ice Cream

An ice cream company has teamed up with Angry Orchard to bring us a perfect treat for cooling down in the summer heat.

6 Booze-Inspired Pool Floats You Need This Summer

We always prefer to indulge in the boozy side of trends, so we searched around for some awesome drinking inflatables.

There’s a Giant Merlot Wine Bath At a Japanese Theme Park & Spa

This Japanese theme park spa allows guests to splash around in a giant merlot wine bath.

The Other Half of Barton Bourbon Warehouse Collapses

The other half of the Barton 1792 Distillery warehouse came crashing down, damaging another 9,000 barrels.

With a View Like This, Who Needs Great Cocktails? You Do.

It offers more than just a stunning view.

7 Great Yerba Mate Cocktails to Drink in Bars

The plant definitely isn’t just for tea.

11 Essential Cocktails for your July Parties

The drinks for entertaining this month.

New Research Shows Alcohol Consumption Benefits the Heart

New research conducted in Brazil suggests moderate alcohol consumption benefits the heart.
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The Search for the 2018 Bartender of the Year Is Complete

Follow the action from the finals on Sea Island, Georgia.

What Kind of Liquor Are You According To Your Sign?

What kind of liquor are you according to your sign?

A Psychoanalyst Is Taking a Shot with Kentucky Bourbon

Kaveh Zamanian has plans for Rabbit Hole bourbon.

Amazon Now Carries Robot Bartenders

This Keurig-like cocktail maker wants you to rethink how you drink. 

Kentucky Bourbon Warehouse Collapses, Spilling 9,000 Barrels

Part of a whiskey distillery in Kentucky collapsed Friday, sending thousands of barrels spilling into the surrounding area.
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2 Vodkas Can Tell You Everything About Terroir

You’ve likely heard the word terroir thrown around in conversations about spirits and know that it refers to the ways in which a region affects taste and character. But you need an example to really understand the concept. And there’s none better than the Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series. Scientists in a lab couldn’t have […]

5 Ridiculously Easy And Super Fun Drinking Games You Can Buy On Amazon

Drinking games never fail to bring a party to the next level.
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What Happened at the Beluga Signature Creative US Finals

Discover who advanced to the global finals in Sochi, Russia.

Craft Breweries Across The Nation Debuting Limited Edition Beer To Benefit ACLU

Craft breweries across the nation have joined forces by debuting a limited edition beer to benefit the ACLU.
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Annemarie Roberts Wins the Sandeman Bartender Competition

Her Cape of Good Hope cocktail helped her surpass the six other finalists.

These 5 Bottles Are Serious About Trying to Capture the Taste of a Place

Call them single-estate. Call them interesting. Call them worth checking out.

11 Vodka Cocktails to Try Right Now

It’s that time of the year!
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