Up Cocktails

For a perfectly chilled cocktail, choose a recipe served "up." These drinks are stirred or shaken with ice before being strained into a glass.
If you're looking for a drink served ice-free in a cocktail, coupe or other stemmed glass or simply want to be free of ice and its diluting effects, check out these cocktails served up. From the Martini to the Kir Royale, find the one that suits you and start mixing.
A frozen flip-top bottle filled with gin, standing next to a v-shaped Martini glass showing a Dukes Martini with a lemon twist
Dukes Martini
Wet Martini in Nick & Nora glass with paisley etching garnished with a lemon twist, on a dark marble background
Wet Martini
Bobby Heugel's frozen martini, shown in a martini glass with frozen bottle of extra cocktail in background, next to bowl of olives, cornichons and capers
Bobby Heugel’s Freezer Martini
Hands express orange peel oils over the top of the Longshoreman cocktail
waldorf cocktail in a coupe decorated with etched designs, served on a blue-gray surface
banana daiquiri cocktail on wooden table in front of green leaves
Banana Daiquiri
deep-red bebbo cocktail in a coupe, garnished with a lemon twist and served on a gray surface
A delicate cocktail coupe rests on an elegant metal bar tray. The drink within is lightly orange with a thick white foam head; a slice of orange peel floats on it. The background of the image is almost entirely solid red.
Earl Grey Marteani
spiced eggnog cocktail in a wine glass with fresh nutmeg on top
Spiced Eggnog
Pho-King Champ cocktail
Pho-King Champ
devil's margarita cocktail next to limes and red wine bottle
Devil’s Margarita
darkside cocktail in a stemmed glass, garnished with a skewered cherry
Dark Side
Crystal Ramos Gin Fizz
On a solid blue background, a faceted Collins glass holds a pastel-green drink, topped with foam and a fresh lime wheel resting on the lip of the glass.
Horn of the Bulls
Grave Digger
Red-orange Lion's Tail cocktail in a coupe glass
Lion’s Tail
A creamy Eggnog drink fills a rocks glass with a heavy clear base. The drink is garnished with nutmeg and an orange peel, and the background is hazy.
Manhattan cocktail
two kamikaze shots side-by-side on a pink surface
daiquiri cocktail in a coupe with a lime twist garnish
Chrysanthemum cocktail in an etched coupe glass with an orange twist, served on a silver tray
On a white counter with a sky-blue background, a beautiful curved Nick & Nora glass holds a Martini. The drink is slightly cloudy and decked with spots of pepper. A single pepper-stuffed olive is pierced on a silver skewer resting across the mouth of the glass.
CBD Dirty Martini
Samarian Sunset
Brandy Sangaree
Brandy Sangaree
two washington apple shots on a wooden table
Washington Apple Shot
Vesper Martini in a throwback coupe glass with lemon twist, on dark marble background
Trinidad Sour
Trinidad Sour
Cucumber Cleanse cocktail
Cucumber Cleanse
Blood and Sand in a cocktail glass with an orange peel garnish
Blood & Sand
A petite, elegant cocktail glass holds a dark red drink with a cherry at the bottom, its stem breaking the surface. The background is a dark blue tablecloth.
Remember the Maine
Rob Roy cocktail
Rob Roy
Brown Derby cocktail in high-stemmed coupe glass, with a head of foam and orange twist, on a light colored background
Brown Derby
pisco sour cocktail with three drops of bitters on top, served on a silver tray
Pisco Sour
Man o' War cocktail with lemon peel and cherry garnish
Man o’ War
Sidecar cocktail
Dry Martini in a v-shaped martini glass with lemon twist, and a sidecar on extra Martini in chilled carafe in the background
Dry Martini
sazerac cocktail in a crystal-cut glass with a lemon peel garnish
Cosmopolitan cocktail
hand holding the stem of an espresso martini cocktail
Espresso Martini
Reddish-hued French Martini in silver-rimmed coup glass, on bronze tray
French Martini
old pal cocktail with a lemon twist and blue background
Old Pal
Scofflaw cocktail
Purple-hued Aviation cocktail in a coupe with a cherry garnish
An elegant, thick-stemmed cocktail glass is filled with a hazy yellow drink and garnished with a lemon peel draped over its lip. The background is solid blue.
Amaretto French 75
purple-hued Peeping Tom cocktail in a coupe, garnished with two yellow Peeps marshmallows
Peeping Tom
toblerone cocktail beside toblerone chocolate bar and honey syrup
red-hued Hot Blooded cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with heart-shaped orange peels and lime peels on a skewer
Hot Blooded
two eggnog cocktails with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg garnish
French Harvest cocktail
French Harvest
Last Word cocktail
Last Word
Greenpoint cocktail in a coupe with lemon peel garnish
ramos gin fizz cocktail with a thick frothy head served in a Collins glass
Ramos Gin Fizz
boulevardier cocktail over one large ice cube and with an orange peel garnish
Gimlet cocktail on a circular tray and garnished with a lime wheel
Gin Fizz cocktail in a Collins glass on a marble surface
Gin Fizz
Revolver cocktail in a coupe glass with an orange peel garnish
Lemon Drop cocktail in a sugar-rimmed glass
Lemon Drop
Paper Plane cocktail
Paper Plane
pink squirrel cocktail in a coupe next to whole nutmeg
Pink Squirrel