Recipes by Occasion

Whether it's to celebrate a holiday, embrace a season or enjoy the time of day, we have a drink for every occasion. From New Year's Eve sparklers and winter warmers to aperitifs and nightcaps, there's a drink to serve every need. Find your perfect match and starting mixing.
Christmas punch
The Guide to Holiday Entertaining
Golden Cadillac cocktail
30 Dessert Cocktails to Cap Off Your Meal
A Collins glass filled with bright yellow punch garnished with a pineapple slice and a sprig of fresh mint.
Reggae Rum Punch
Four punch glasses with beaded glass handles sit on a blue surface next to an elegant punch bowl. The bowl and mugs are filled with a golden punch over ice, garnished with lemon and star anise.
Champagne Holiday Punch
Three rocks glasses rest on a dark marble bar top. Each is filled with ice, a bright red punch, a large slice of grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, and a sprig of rosemary. Next to them is a bottle of Fever-Tree ginger beer.
Ginger Fever Punch
Set the New Year on Fire cocktail in a collins glass, garnished with a flaming lime shell
Set the New Year on Fire
A dark pink cocktail served in a coupe glass and garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel. The cocktail is placed on a distressed wood surface with lime wheels scattered around it and a blue and orange rug in the background.
Beauty Elixir
Cranberry-Ginger Mimosa
Cranberry-Ginger Mimosa
Tea & Krampus cocktail
Tea & Krampus
The bowl of a champagne flute is shown in a close-up shot. It’s filled with a bubbly violet drink and garnished with a small, curled lemon twist. The background is gray and fuzzy.
West 75th
A coupe glass is set upon an all white backdrop. The glass holds a violet-hued sparkling cocktail, a dehydrated blood orange floats in it.
La Violetta
Figurati cocktail
New Year's Sparkler cocktail
30 Cocktails to Make for New Year’s Eve
Love Potion
Love Potion
Pink Lady cocktail
Pink Lady
Pink Lady cocktail
20 Cocktails to Make for Valentine’s Day
reddish-brown Ruby Hearts cocktail in a Collins glass, garnished with a cinnamon stick balanced on the rim of the glass
Ruby Hearts
toblerone cocktail beside toblerone chocolate bar and honey syrup
red-hued Hot Blooded cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with heart-shaped orange peels and lime peels on a skewer
Hot Blooded
reddish-pink Bitter Hearts Know Better cocktail in a coupe glass with a pink sugared rim
Bitter Hearts Know Better
two I Left My Heart in Jalisco cocktails, served in coffee mugs next to conversation hearts
I Left My Heart in Jalisco
Two narrow Champagne flutes hold a vivid, strawberry-hued sparkling drink. Each has a split slice of strawberry on the rim.
Little Kiss
Mata Hari Cocktail in a coupe, garnished with two dried rosebuds and served on a white bar napkin
Mata Hari
Malena cocktail
two bubbly, golden-hued Maxwell cocktails, served side-by-side in Champagne flutes
Kir Royale cocktail
Kir Royale
A brownie rests on a white plate with a gold rim. The brownie is filled with nuts and topped with a shiny glaze. An elegant fork rests next to it on the plate, and a napkin is hazy in the background.
Pinot Noir Chocolate Brownies
A swooping coupe glass is filled to the brim with a pink, sparkling drink. The glass is topped with a single red rose petal, and many more sit around it base on a golden platter.
Rose-Colored Glass
Two Champagne flutes are filled with a golden sparkling drink, set against a brown backdrop.
Romancing the Stone
Rose cocktail
Cupid's Champagne Potion cocktail
Cupid’s Champagne Potion
peanut butter cup cocktail in stemmed glass on a round, red tray
Peanut Butter Cup
snickertini cocktail in a rocks glass, with caramel-and-chocolate drizzles lining the inside of the glass, served on a red tray
Spiced Chocolate cocktail
Spiced Chocolate
Buena Vista Irish Coffee
Buena Vista Irish Coffee
Mint Green Old Fashioned
Mint Green Old Fashioned
Dubliner cocktail
Neon green Greenhorn cocktail in Nick & Nora glass, with green maraschino cheery at bottom, on marble background
20 Cocktails to Make for St. Patrick’s Day
Irish Coffee Cocktail in glass mug next to a jar of cream
Irish Coffee
Irish Affogato cocktail in an Irish Coffee glass, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings
Irish Affogato
A tall, narrow shot glass is filled with a bright green creamy drink, topped with whip cream and a chocolate mint garnish. The background is blurry with mints and a Hawthorne strainer.
Shamrock Shot
Irish Blonde cocktail
20 Irish Whiskey Cocktails to Try Right Now
hand holding a shot glass over a pint of Guinness to make an Irish Shot
Irish Shot
A tall Collins glass sits on a rustic wooden table, a brick wall in the background. The drink within is bright orange and cloudy, with a few large ice cubes floating in it.
Frisky Whiskey
A tall glass coffee mug rests on a wooden table. The mug hold dark black coffee with a thick layer of white foam dusted with nutmeg.
The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee
A tapered Collins glass sits on a pale blonde placement. The glass is filled with a light golden sparkling beverage over ice and garnished with a lime wheel. The background is sky blue.
Irish Buck
An elegant, chunky coupe rests on a marble counter with a gray wall behind it. The glass is filled with a golden drink with a thick foam head. Six flakes of edible gold rest on the foam in a line.
Pot of Gold
A cocktail class with a rounded, tapered lip holds a vividly gold drink garnished with a slice of orange peel. The glass rests on a brightly lit gray surface.
Irish Blonde
Brian Boru
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
A tall pilsner glass holds a bright red drink over crushed ice, garnished with mint and a cherry.
Serpent-less Swizzle
A beveled rocks glass with a reddish-brown stirred cocktail, three clear ice cubes, and a thin apple slice
Good Cork
Shamrock Sour cocktail
Shamrock Sour
Irish Jack Rose
A rocks glass is filled with an opaque orange drink. The glass sits on a ringed, sky-blue mat.
orange-hued Brotherhood cocktail in a coupe glass with an orange peel garnish
The Dead Rabbit Coffee Cocktail
The Dead Rabbit Coffee Cocktail
A tall, thin Irish Coffee mug rests on a dark gray marbled surface. The glass mug holds a pale gold drink with a thick layer of white foam, dusted with nutmeg, at the top.
Gaelic Flip
Luck of the Irish cocktail
Luck of the Irish
Bomb Pop cocktail
Bomb Pop