Recipes by Spirit

Whether you want the smoky, sweet notes of whiskey or a more subtle base of vodka in your cocktail, find the recipe you're searching for by spirit.
With a huge number of spirits in a constantly evolving market, it's hard to figure out what to drink and how to drink it. Find out what's new in the spirits world, including new bottles to try and great ways to drink them.
Big batch Negroni Sbagliato
Big-Batch Negroni Sbagliato
Lillet Blanc bottle
10 Cocktails to Make with Lillet Blanc
Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita
18 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Make Year-Round
Shot in the Dark non alcoholic cocktail
Shot in the Dark
Vitamin Parade non alcoholic cocktail
Vitamin Parade
Tonic Rickey non alcoholic cocktail
Tonic Rickey
Far Afield non alcoholic cocktail
Far Afield
Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita
See You on Wednesday (Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita)
Non alcoholic Negroni
Non-Alcoholic Negroni (NAgroni)
Berry Smash non-alcoholic cocktail
Berry Smash
Mental Note non alcoholic cocktail
Mental Note
Garden Collins non alcoholic cocktail
Garden Collins
Slow Burn non alcoholic cocktail
Slow Burn
Whiskey Sour cocktail next to fruit, bitters and jigger
Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Smash cocktail on ice with mint leaves and a straw
Whiskey Smash
Gin Fizz cocktail in a Collins glass on a marble surface
Gin Fizz
Brandy Alexander cocktail
Brandy Alexander
vodka soda cocktail with lemon wedge and black-and-white-striped straw
Vodka Soda
person in yellow shirt holding a gin rickey cocktail garnished with two lime wheels
Gin Rickey
vodka gimlet cocktail with lime wheel garnish, served on a metal tray
Vodka Gimlet
two bright-yellow gin and juice cocktails on a wooden bar
Gin & Juice
Left Hand cocktail
Left Hand
Manhattan vs Old Fashioned cocktail illustration
Manhattan vs. Old Fashioned: What’s the Difference?
Kentucky Buck cocktail
Kentucky Buck
Kentucky Maid cocktail
Kentucky Maid
Improved Whiskey Cocktail
Improved Whiskey Cocktail
Sweet Tea Smash
16 Whiskey Cocktails That Are Perfect for Summer
Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned
10 Old Fashioned Variations to Try Right Now
Brown Butter Old Fashioned
6 Infused Bourbon Cocktails to Try Right Now
Boiler Room cocktail
Boiler Room
Wassail Sour
Wassail Sour
Peach Beer Julep
Peach Beer Julep
New York Sour
5 New York Sour Twists to Try Right Now
Mint Julep
9 Julep Variations to Try Right Now
Apricot Ginger Whiskey Sour cocktail
Apricot Ginger Whiskey Sour
hand pours a small decanter of the Smoke Break cocktail into a rocks glass over one large ice cube
Smoke Break
The Bootstitch at Firestone & Robertson distillery in Fort Worth, Texas
5 Easy Whiskey Sour Twists to Make Right Now
Bordeaux Sour
Bordeaux Sour
Dizzy Delight cocktail
Dizzy Delight
9 Easy 3-Ingredient Drinks to Make at Home
The orange-hued Paper Plane cocktail in a modern coupe glass with a blue mini paper airplane garnish
6 Things You Should Know About the Paper Plane
Butter & Smoke cocktail
Butter & Smoke
Switchel cocktail in a rocks glass garnished with a sage leaf
Hailey's Comet cocktail
6 Frozen Bourbon Cocktails for Summer
A deep-red Millionaire cocktail in a coupe glass with a grated nutmeg garnish.
Kentucky Maid cocktail
20 Bourbon Cocktails to Try Right Now
Suffering Bastard cocktail with bamboo straw and mint garnish
Suffering Bastard
Red-orange Lion's Tail cocktail in a coupe glass
Lion’s Tail
Bourbon Rickey cocktail
11 Easy Bourbon Cocktails to Try Now
bourbon old fashioned
Bourbon Old Fashioned
What’s Up, Doc
A glass of iced tea sits on a white surface, garnished with blue berries and strawberry pieces cut into stars, as well as a mint leaf. A pitcher of the same is in the background, and a white ramekin to the side holds more of the garnish.
Bourbon Strawberry Iced Tea
hand holding the Benton's Old Fashioned cocktail in a rocks glass with an orange peel garnish
Benton’s Old Fashioned
gold rush cocktail with lemon peel, served in an ornate glass on a circular tray
Gold Rush
Mountain Dew and Bourbon: How an Appalachian Tradition Turned Into an Unlikely Craft Cocktail
Bourbon and Root Beer cocktail on yellow surface with red-and-white straw
Bourbon & Root Beer
On a sold blue backdrop, a multi-faceted rocks glass holds a single large ice cube, a full orange wheel, and an amber-colored bourbon drink.
Peach Me
The History and Secrets of the Mint Julep
Bourbon Rosemary Punch
Brown Derby cocktail
Brown Derby