Cocktail & Other Recipes

Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion, just a shake, stir or pour away.
Mexican Martini cocktail in a large coupe glass with lime wedge and olive garnish.
Mexican Martini
Rosita cocktail in rocks glass with single large ice cube and lemon twist, on blue-metal background
Savory Margarita cocktail served in rocks glass with cubed ice and lime wheel, shot against tan background
28 Cocktails to Make with Tequila
Mezcal Paloma in highball glass with Tajin salt rim and lime wedge, shot against tan background
15 Cocktails to Make with Mezcal
Tia Mia cocktail served in a rocks glass with crushed ice and a lime wheel and mint garnish
Tia Mia
Cafe Royal Matador cocktail in a Nick and Nora glass
Café Royal's Tequila Matador
Mezcal Paloma in highball glass with Tajin salt rim and lime wedge, shot against tan background
Mezcal Paloma
Tequila Espresso Martini served in Nick and Nora glass with thick foam, garnished with three espresso beans and shot against tan background
Tequila Espresso Martini
Siesta cocktail served in a coupe glass and garnished with grapefruit peel, shot against marble backdrop
Illustration of Fernet-Branca with cocktails surrounding the bottle
The 10 Best Cocktails to Make with Fernet-Branca
Cointreau bottle against teal background with illustrations of various cocktails
The 10 Best Cocktails to Make with Cointreau
Gold Rush cocktail in an engraved rocks glass with single large ice cup and lemon twist, on a dark marble background
The 10 Most Popular Cocktails This April
Campari bottle against smudged blue background with illustrations of various cocktails
The 11 Best Cocktails to Make with Campari
Campari Spritz Recirc
Campari Spritz
Reverse Martini in a Nick & Nora, sherry-style glass, with dropped olive garnish on marble background
Reverse Martini
A frozen flip-top bottle filled with gin, standing next to a v-shaped Martini glass showing a Dukes Martini with a lemon twist
Dukes Martini
Wet Martini in Nick & Nora glass with paisley etching garnished with a lemon twist, on a dark marble background
Wet Martini
Bobby Heugel's frozen martini, shown in a martini glass with frozen bottle of extra cocktail in background, next to bowl of olives, cornichons and capers
Bobby Heugel’s Freezer Martini
Neon green Greenhorn cocktail in Nick & Nora glass, with green maraschino cherry at bottom, on marble background
Bottle of Cynar amaro
7 Cocktails to Make with Cynar
Yellow Chartreuse bottle
10 Cocktails to Make with Yellow Chartreuse
Big batch Negroni Sbagliato
Big-Batch Negroni Sbagliato
Lillet Blanc bottle
10 Cocktails to Make with Lillet Blanc
Colletti Royale cocktail
The 10 Most Popular Cocktails This May
Illustration of St Germain with cocktails surrounding the bottle
The 10 Best Cocktails to Make with St-Germain
15 Cocktails to Serve for the Super Bowl
Tea syrup
Boost the Flavor in Your Cocktails with These 13 Syrups
Johnnie Walker High Rye Manhattan
A New High (Rye) Point for the Classic Manhattan
Illustration of temperance-theme tarot cards with non-alcoholic cocktails and bottles depicted
The Evolving World of Low- and No-Alcohol Drinks
Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita
18 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Make Year-Round
Shot in the Dark non alcoholic cocktail
Shot in the Dark
Vitamin Parade non alcoholic cocktail
Vitamin Parade
Tonic Rickey non alcoholic cocktail
Tonic Rickey
Far Afield non alcoholic cocktail
Far Afield
Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita
See You on Wednesday (Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita)
Non alcoholic Negroni
Non-Alcoholic Negroni (NAgroni)
Berry Smash non-alcoholic cocktail
Berry Smash
Mental Note non alcoholic cocktail
Mental Note
Garden Collins non alcoholic cocktail
Garden Collins
Slow Burn non alcoholic cocktail
Slow Burn
Christmas punch
The Guide to Holiday Entertaining
Golden Cadillac cocktail
30 Dessert Cocktails to Cap Off Your Meal
Whiskey Sour cocktail next to fruit, bitters and jigger
Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Smash cocktail on ice with mint leaves and a straw
Whiskey Smash
Gin Fizz cocktail in a Collins glass on a marble surface
Gin Fizz
Brandy Alexander cocktail
Brandy Alexander
vodka soda cocktail with lemon wedge and black-and-white-striped straw
Vodka Soda
person in yellow shirt holding a gin rickey cocktail garnished with two lime wheels
Gin Rickey
vodka gimlet cocktail with lime wheel garnish, served on a metal tray
Vodka Gimlet
two bright-yellow gin and juice cocktails on a wooden bar
Gin & Juice
Negroni cocktail with a 3/4 angle view. one large ice cube sits in a thin-glassed tumbler. a large wide angled swath of orange peel sits on the cocktail's ice cube
Dry Martini in a v-shaped martini glass with lemon twist, and a sidecar on extra Martini in chilled carafe in the background
Dry Martini
Cosmopolitan cocktail
hand holding the stem of an espresso martini cocktail
Espresso Martini
White Russian cocktail
White Russian
Hurricane cocktail on a light blue surface beside fresh fruit and juice carafes
Mai Tai cocktail with a dark rum float, mint sprig and lime wheel
Mai Tai
Painkiller cocktail alongside fresh pineapple and nutmeg
Johnnie Walker High Rye Sazerac
Sazerac: Give a Classic Cocktail a Kick with High Rye