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San Francisco
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Get Bitter at These Amazing San Francisco Bars

Many San Francisco bars have grown bitter—in the best possible way. Just look at these signature cocktails they’re pouring. Each one has an irresistible bite of bitterness, thanks to Martini & Rossi Riserva Speciale Bitter Liqueur. Try one of them today. There’s no better time to make bitter choices.

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The 23 Essential San Francisco Bars:
Spring 2018

San Francisco has been a pioneering drinking town since its inception. From its Barbary Coast beginnings to its last 15 years as a leader in the 21st-century cocktail renaissance, the City by the Bay is a place that knows its drinks. Any collection of notable bars is entirely subjective. Still, it’s hard to argue that these 23 spots are anything but essential—the kind of places that make San Francisco a destination for drinkers from across the world.—Virginia Miller

*Bars are listed alphabetically.

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Drink Here Now 2019

2019 is looking to be a good year for drinking, especially in bars.

This year, Drink Here Now features nearly 300 great places to drink across the globe.

The winners—selected by some of the most knowledgeable drinkers we know—are located in 75 cities around Planet Earth. These are the 14 categories:New Kids (new bar) Longtimers (bars open at least five years) Internationals (bars located outside the U.S.) Experimenters (bars that embrace innovation) Food Slingers (bars with great food) Team Players (innovation award—could be new or established) Neighborhood Bar (easygoing local bars) Genre Bars: Cocktail, Gin, Irish, Rum, Tequila/Agave, Tiki, WhiskeyChoose a city and find a new favorite bar. Or pick one of the 14 categories and check out the awardees from across the world. Or wander the map and drink by continent.

Drink Here Now is not only about the newest, and it’s not just about the best. It’s about the smartest, the most thoughtful, the bleeding edge, the tried-and-true. The places that matter most—right now.

A ‘Harry Potter’ Beer Festival Is Popping Up Around The Country

Sip butter beer in 11 cities beginning in February.
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Discover How 38 Bartenders Became Tequila Herradura Legends

Follow the path of 38 bartenders who won a trip to the last true tequila-producing hacienda
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12 San Francisco Bars Serving Vodka Unlike Any You’ve Tried

Belvedere Single Estate Rye is more than a series of high-end vodkas. It’s a mouthwatering education in terroir. Each bottle is made with rye from a different region of Poland and features a flavor that couldn’t come from anywhere else. That’s the kind of spirit that excites bartenders, which explains why bars and restaurants all over the city are serving Belvedere Single Estate Rye. Explore where you can get a taste of Poland—without leaving the city.
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Where Will You Be Celebrating Old Fashioned Week?

Choose wisely: More than a thousand bars are participating in 2018.

The Definitive Guide to San Francisco’s Best Highballs

Think scotch isn't for Fall? Think again. It’s a delicious introduction to whisky and a refreshing change for scotch aficionados. Wherever you fall on the whisky spectrum, you’ll want to try the intensely smooth highballs being poured at bars all over San Francisco. The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve Highballs are the perfect way to switch things up this Fall. Sponsored by The Glenlivet

Travel Around The World Drinking Gin In New Dream Job

Bombay Sapphire has teamed up with Mr. Fogg's to offer one lucky winner a chance to travel around the world for 80 days.

Californians Rejoice. In-N-Out Flavored Beer Is a Thing.

A San Francisco brewery tried to release In-N-Out flavored beer, but were quickly met with a cease and desist.