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The Best Bars for Bitter-Loving New Yorkers

It’s time to try bitter cocktails besides the Negroni. Visit any of these 9 New York City bars to enjoy a signature cocktail featuring Martini & Rossi Riserva Speciale Bitter Liqueur. Whether you’re looking for a subtle hint of bitterness or a bold and heavy bitter bite, you can find a great drink near you. Start making bitter choices. Step into one of these bars today.

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The Best Whiskey in Every State in the USA

You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: We’re living in a golden age of whiskey. Never has more whiskey made in more places than right now. And that’s especially true here at home. After a decade-long craft distilling boom, it’s now possible to find top-quality bottles made in every state in the country.

That means you no longer have to rely on Kentucky or Tennessee to fill your whiskey cup; there’s good, local brown spilling out of Ohio, Massachusetts, New Mexico, even Hawaii. To help you navigate this new whiskey frontier, we chose the best bottle in each state (and none of that super-rare, buy-a-lottery-ticket whiskeys but stuff the average person can actually get their hands on). From bourbon to single malt to rye and everything in between, these are the best whiskeys from all 50 states.

6 Things You Should Know About the Old Fashioned

The classic. With super details.

Have Boozy Vending Machines Gone Mainstream?

Because they’ve been everywhere lately.

Is Big Whiskey Afraid of the Craft Spirits Movement?

Getting to the bottom of the battle.

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Beer Will Debut Before the Final Season Begins

The New York brewer is back at it again just in time for the final season.

Illinois Is Officially The Cheapest State To Buy Beer

You might be surprised to hear that you’ll pay a lot more for a 24-pack in Maryland than South Carolina.

Drink Here Now 2019

2019 is looking to be a good year for drinking, especially in bars.

This year, Drink Here Now features nearly 300 great places to drink across the globe.

The winners—selected by some of the most knowledgeable drinkers we know—are located in 75 cities around Planet Earth. These are the 14 categories:New Kids (new bar) Longtimers (bars open at least five years) Internationals (bars located outside the U.S.) Experimenters (bars that embrace innovation) Food Slingers (bars with great food) Team Players (innovation award—could be new or established) Neighborhood Bar (easygoing local bars) Genre Bars: Cocktail, Gin, Irish, Rum, Tequila/Agave, Tiki, WhiskeyChoose a city and find a new favorite bar. Or pick one of the 14 categories and check out the awardees from across the world. Or wander the map and drink by continent.

Drink Here Now is not only about the newest, and it’s not just about the best. It’s about the smartest, the most thoughtful, the bleeding edge, the tried-and-true. The places that matter most—right now.

This Martini Has Kimchi in It. And It Sure Works.

Recipe from a great New York restaurant and bar.

The Secret to Neo-Japanese Bartending Is Fresh Fruit

The perfect fruit. Put to great cocktail use.

How to Master the Art of Spit Tasting

There’s an art to analyzing booze using only your senses. Mastering it takes lots of dedication and attention to detail. But more than anything else, it takes practice. You have to drink a ton of wine, beer and spirits, which sounds like loads of fun—and it can be. But when your job is to taste […]

Why Armagnac Should Be on the Shelf at Every Serious Bar

The power and glory of the French spirit.