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Jose Cuervo Debuts All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train

Did we mention there’s unlimited tequila?

Bartending in Machismo Culture: Mexico City’s Fátima León Breaks It Down

The lead at world-famous Fifty Mils tells it like it is.

It’s Time to Pay Attention to Mexican Whiskey

The booming trend and how it came to be.

How to Master the Art of Spit Tasting

There’s an art to analyzing booze using only your senses. Mastering it takes lots of dedication and attention to detail. But more than anything else, it takes practice. You have to drink a ton of wine, beer and spirits, which sounds like loads of fun—and it can be. But when your job is to taste […]

Meet the Indiana Jones of Mezcal

He travels through rural Mexico in search of truly traditional mezcal.

The Secret to the World’s Best Margarita

Its history is murky. How to make it delicious is not.

First Hotel In the Middle of an Agave Field Opens

You can now spend the night inside a giant barrel right in the middle of Casa Cofradia’s agave fields in Tequila, experiencing everything the tequila heaven has to offer.
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9 Bartenders Discover the Right Way to Make Tequila

These expert cocktail makers recognize good craftsmanship. And they found plenty of it in Mexico.
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Meet the Makers: Juan Piñera

Sitting down with BACARDÍ’s longtime master blender.

A Tequila Shortage Is Coming

All that popularity has led to a booming market for agave—one farmers can’t keep up with.

A Booze Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Drinking

How companies are doing it green.