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Los Angeles

The 23 Essential Los Angeles Bars:
Spring 2018

Not many cities can boast the same dedication to drinking diversity that Los Angeles does. It’s a craft beer town, wine haven and craft cocktail destination all rolled into one sprawling metropolis. Angelenos will never go thirsty, thanks to the city’s abundance of stellar drinking options. One list can never cover everyone’s needs all the time. But if you’re looking for a handy assessment of which places, from iconic Tiki bars to James Dean’s favorite spot, matter most, this is the list.—Caroline Pardilla

*Bars are listed alphabetically.

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Drink Here Now 2019

2019 is looking to be a good year for drinking, especially in bars.

This year, Drink Here Now features nearly 300 great places to drink across the globe.

The winners—selected by some of the most knowledgeable drinkers we know—are located in 75 cities around Planet Earth. These are the 14 categories:New Kids (new bar) Longtimers (bars open at least five years) Internationals (bars located outside the U.S.) Experimenters (bars that embrace innovation) Food Slingers (bars with great food) Team Players (innovation award—could be new or established) Neighborhood Bar (easygoing local bars) Genre Bars: Cocktail, Gin, Irish, Rum, Tequila/Agave, Tiki, WhiskeyChoose a city and find a new favorite bar. Or pick one of the 14 categories and check out the awardees from across the world. Or wander the map and drink by continent.

Drink Here Now is not only about the newest, and it’s not just about the best. It’s about the smartest, the most thoughtful, the bleeding edge, the tried-and-true. The places that matter most—right now.

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