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National Bourbon
Heritage Month

By an act of Congress in 2007, September was declared National
Bourbon Heritage Month. Celebrate the historic spirit by checking
out these whiskey stories, bourbon cocktail recipes and drink

Featured Recipes

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail | Bourbon Tasting Guide

Touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Celebrate America’s native spirit by visiting these new attractions and destinations on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
Bourbon Heritage Month | Best New Bourbons

Best New Bourbons: 2013

Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month by picking up one of these seven new top whiskies.
FA - Gourmet Shot: Sean Brock

Gourmet Shot: Sean Brock

The James Beard Award-winning Southern chef also happens to be a connoisseur of vintage bourbons. We found out what’s in his personal collection, his favorite cocktails and why he never, ever cooks with whiskey.
best bourbon bars | whiskey bar guide

Best Bourbon Bars, Part II

Love whiskey? We expanded our list of the top bourbon bars in America. You need to visit these impressive watering holes.

The Five Biggest Bourbon Myths

Have questions about American whiskey? We clear up some of the most common misconceptions about the historic spirit.
Best Bars in Louisville | Louisville Bar Guide

One for the Road: Louisville

Traveling the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? We got a local spirits experts to tell us his favorite bars in Louisville.

Behind the Bar: Bourbon

Master mixologist Dale DeGroff explores the history of America’s quintessential whiskey.

Boozy Baking: Chocolate Whiskey Tart

We got the chefs behind Brooklyn bakery Baked to share their recipe for a spirited and decadent confection.
Glass of Bourbon - Types of Bourbon

Cheat Sheet: Bourbon

How to quickly find a new whiskey you’ll love.

Brown Derby

The classic bourbon Brown Derby cocktail is named for the eponymous hat-shaped Los Angeles diner. It's both sweet and sour with a hefty dose of grapefruit juice and a touch of honey syrup. Try this recipe now to find out what all the hype is about.
Devil Went Down to Georgia - Bourbon Cocktail

Devil Went Down to Georgia

Whether you’re a saint or a sinner, you’ll like this spicy concoction.

The Mint Julep. The Right and Wrong Ways to Make the Simple Classic.

The steps and techniques for icy perfection.

Mint Julep

Celebrate Derby Day year-round with the Mint Julep, a classic bourbon refresher.

Bourbon Old Fashioned

It's been said that the original cocktail contains sugar, bitters, whiskey and water. This variation, made by cocktail legend Dale Degroff, adds muddled fruit and soda water for a lighter, fruitier taste.

Bourbon Manhattan

You don't need to be in the five boroughs to enjoy this sophisticated tipple.