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Holiday Entertaining Guide

The holidays are all about celebrating with friends and
family. And to make your life a bit less stressful, we’ve
put together some of our favorite entertaining articles
and seasonal recipes for both cocktails and spirited
baked goods. No matter if you’re hosting or attending a
party, you’ll find something festive to whip up.

Featured Recipes

Make Your Own Irish Cream

It's easier than you think to whip up a batch of this delicious liqueur.
Baltimore Eggnog - Rum Cocktail

5 Tips: Making the Best Eggnog

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a glass of Eggnog. So we got Derek Brown, expert bartender and owner of the swanky Columbia Room in Washington, D.C., to give us his advice for whipping up the classic.
Hot Buttered Rum

In Defense of Hot Buttered Rum

Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis makes the case for why you should fix this warm, decadent concoction tonight.
Glenmorangie Original Scotch Whisky Bottle - Kosher Spirits

Cheat Sheet: Kosher Spirits

There’s an ever-growing selection of liquor brands getting their bottlings certified kosher.
Cocktail and Appetizers - Pairing Holiday Food and Drinks

Holiday Cocktail Conundrum

What to drink with your fruitcake.
Tom & Jerry - Hot Cocktails

In Defense of Tom & Jerry

Liquor.com advisor and award-winning author David Wondrich makes the case for why you should serve a big bowl of this decadent concoction during the holidays.

Last-Minute Mulled Wine

When unexpected guests arrive at the door, there’s no easier party punch than Last-Minute Mulled Wine. Got a bottle of red wine lying around? Spike it with warm pantry spices like cinnamon and star anise, then amp up the flavor even further with a splash of bourbon or brandy. That’s how you capture the holidays in a mug.

Uncle Angelo’s Eggnog

You’ll be claiming Angelo as your own relative after just one sip of this delightful Eggnog recipe.
Hot Spiced Bourbon Balls - Cooking With Spirits

Spirited Cooking: Bourbon Balls

Celebrate America’s native spirit by enjoying this delicious dessert from award-winning cookbook authors Matt and Ted Lee.

Boozy Baking: Chocolate Whiskey Tart

We got the chefs behind Brooklyn bakery Baked to share their recipe for a spirited and decadent confection.
Glogg - Vodka Cocktail


Let this Scandinavian Glögg warm you to the core.

Spirited Cooking: Whiskey Butterscotch Sauce

Forget having Scotch with dessert—instead mix the two in this decadent adult treat.
Whisky Skin - Whiskey Cocktail

Whisky Skin

If you're cold (or you have a cold), make this hot Scotch drink.