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Liquor.com's Guide to Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

While we like drinking mezcal and tequila all year round, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to mix up a round of Margaritas and Palomas! So celebrate Cinco de Mayo by reading these articles and fixing these agave spirits-based cocktail recipes, and then invite some friends over for a party. ¡Salud!

Featured Recipes

Tequila Daisy - History of the Margarita

Behind the Drink: The Margarita

Get the story of how this legendary cocktail was created from award-winning author and Liquor.com advisory board member David Wondrich.
Tequila Tips for Cinco De Mayo | Tequila Myths

The Five Biggest Tequila Myths

With the help of agave-spirits expert and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout, we clear up some common misconceptions about the Mexican liquor.
Cinco De Mayo Tips | How To Make A Great Margarita

Gourmet Shot: Sue Torres

The chef and owner of New York’s famed Sueños dishes on tequila, mezcal and the right way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Three Margaritas - Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

A Personal Twist on Cinco de Mayo

Tequila expert and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout reveals the secrets to creating your own signature Margarita.
Mink Coat and No Manners Cocktail - Tequila Cocktails

The Other Tequila Cocktails

Looking to drink something besides a Margarita on Cinco de Mayo? Try these delicious cocktails featuring agave-based spirits.
Jacques Bezuidenhout Behind the Bar

How to Cocktail: Margarita, Paloma and Spiced Old Fashioned

Master these three drinks in minutes by watching videos featuring tequila expert and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout.
Bottle of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal

In Defense of Mezcal

Top bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout makes the case for why you should be drinking the complex agave-based spirit.

Partida Margarita

Reintroduce yourself to this simple-to-make classic.

Margaritas by the Pitcher

Make a roomful of people happy all at once.

Fresh Watermelon Margarita

No seed-spitting required.
Paloma Jimador - Tequila Cocktail

Paloma Jimador

The tequila-based Paloma is perfect after a hard day of work.
Snap, Crackle, Drop - Tequila Cocktail

Snap, Crackle, Drop

The classic tequila shot gets a master mixologist’s upgrade.

Añejo Old Fashioned

This tasty and simple recipe will never go out of style.