Cognac & Other Brandy Cocktails

Before bourbon and rye became American’s brown booze go-tos, brandy was the spirit of choice. The grape-based spirit is the backbone to the most iconic cocktails in the world, including the Sidecar, Pisco Sour and Vieux Carré. Check out some of the best brandy drinks and start mixing.
Baltimore Eggnog
Baltimore Eggnog
Porto Flip
Porto Flip
Spiced Apple Cider
Spiced Apple Cider
All the Way Up cocktail
All the Way Up
Love Potion
Love Potion
Kanar Sazerac
6 Sazerac Twists to Try Right Now
The Maxwell cocktail
6 French 75 Twists to Try Right Now
Woodson & Ford cocktail
Woodson & Ford
Flint cocktail
Jamboree cocktail
Pusherman cocktail
Pumpkin Sazerac
Pumpkin Sazerac
Pumpkin Buck cocktail
Pumpkin Buck
Stone Fence cocktail
8 Apple Brandy Cocktails to Try Right Now
Great Pumpkin cocktail
Great Pumpkin
3 Great Cocktails Made with the Boozy Fortified Wine Pineau de Charentes
Rebirth cocktail in a textured rocks glass, served over crushed ice and garnished with purple, pink and white flowers and a metal straw
A bright orange-red cocktail served in a coupe glass with a sugared rim and a single sage leaf as its garnish; the glass is shot from above on a white marble surface
Figgy Smalls
A wide, shallow coupe with etchings on the glass sits in a dark bar on a gray counter. The drink within is dark and crimson.
A tall rocks glass with a red drink over a single cube rests on a shiny stone surface with geometric symbols.
Nino cocktail
spiced eggnog cocktail in a wine glass with fresh nutmeg on top
Spiced Eggnog
A Collins glass with diamond etchings along its base sits on a wooden table. It’s filled with ice and apple brandies, and a bottle of cider pours in from the side.
Saison Highball
Grave Digger
Hey, Gourdgeous cocktail
Hey, Gourdgeous
Brandy Sangaree
Brandy Sangaree
bright-red picon punch cocktail in an Irish Coffee glass over ice, garnished with a lemon peel and served on a round silver tray
Picon Punch
Sidecar cocktail
sazerac cocktail in a crystal-cut glass with a lemon peel garnish
The History and Secrets of the Tom & Jerry
Brandy Alexander
8 Brandy Cocktails to Make in 5 Minutes or Less
hands express lemon peel oils over the Applejack Rabbit cocktail, served in a coupe glass
Applejack Rabbit
sea breeze cooler cocktail with straw and mint garnish
Sea Breeze Cooler
vieux carre cocktail in gold-laced glass with lemon peel garnish
Vieux Carré
Brandy Old Fashioned
Brandy Old Fashioned
Pumpkin Toddy
tom and jerry cocktail in a white coffee mug
Tom & Jerry
Brandy Alexander cocktail
Brandy Alexander
sangria cocktail in a wine glass next to a pitcher of sangria
Between the Sheets cocktail in crystal coupe on marble surface
Between the Sheets
Horse's Neck cocktail
Horse’s Neck
Vieux Carre cocktail
8 Can’t-Miss Cognac Classics to Try Now
Stinger cocktail in a rocks glass against a white background
French Connection cocktail served over ice in a crystal-cut rocks glass
French Connection
A rocks glass with a diamond pattern is set against a jet black background. The glass is partially rimmed with salt and holds a small, dark crimson drink.
Kanar Sazerac
A Martini glass with a knobbed stem sits on burlap cloth. Behind it are a wicker basket and a human skull. The glass holds a light brown-orange drink.
Corpse Reviver No. 1
jack rose cocktail served on a silver tray
Jack Rose
Calvados Sidecar
Calvados Sidecar
A rocks glass rests on a wooden board on a marble table. The glass is filled with an orange drink over a large ice cube with an orange peel.
Taylor Precedent
Taylor Precedent
orange-hued Brandy Crusta in a coupe glass with a sugared rim and lemon twist
Brandy Crusta
Two little glass mugs with small handles sit on burlap next to a lemon wedge. Both glasses are filled with a dark punch and garnished with a lemon slice.
USS Richmond Punch
Last-Minute Mulled Wine
Spin Move
Mata Hari Cocktail in a coupe, garnished with two dried rosebuds and served on a white bar napkin
Mata Hari
Original Sazerac cocktail in a crystal-cut glass with a lemon twist garnish
The Original Sazerac
New Orleans Rad cocktail
New Orleans: #RAD
Autumn Wassail in a tall, thin toddy glass against a dark, slate-grey backdrop. A fan of three apple slices on a fancy skewer is the garnish.
Autumn Wassail
gold-colored La Tour Eiffel cocktail in a Champagne flute with a floating lemon twist, served on a wooden table with black-and-white wallpaper in the background
La Tour Eiffel
A wide coupe glass rests on a lacquered silver bar tray. The glass is filled with a crimson cocktail and garnished with grated cinnamon and apple slices.
Nouveau Sangaree