W.L. Weller Bourbon

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  • rnsergeant@aol.com posted 1 year ago

    Weller Special Reserve is a very easy bourbon to drink. I also loved the Centennial 10 year old that was a Weller's bourbon but it was discontinued in the early 2000s. I have one bottle and am saving it for my 70th birthday which is still 5 years away. The 12 year old I was fortunate to get 2 of this year and plan to hold on to them. I like the Centennial better. Wellers is better than Maker's Mark.

  • striker5x5 posted 1 year ago

    Weller 12 year is almost impossible to find now. You can still find the 9 year Reserve or Old Weller, but neither is as good in my opinion. Try Larceny or Bernheim. Both are very tasty...again, in my opinion.

  • raerae67 posted 1 year ago

    Where can I find 12 year Weller?

  • kuschj posted 2 years ago

    Emery, my name is Jeff. Up front, I have to admit I can't help you find it where you are. I might guess you could order for delivery in Arizona. Also, I want to say two things - to be online at your age shows your mettle. Kudos to you, man. Secondly, I just happened to pick a bottle of W.L. Weller up (here in Orlando) and fell immediately in love with it. One of my all-time favorite bourbons. Hope you find success.

  • lc1165 posted 2 years ago

    This is hands down my favorite bourbon!!!

  • mckeen posted 2 years ago

    I had to go through all this bull shit to ask where i can buy a bottle of your bourbon. I' 81 yr.s old but your screen don.t go past 1940. My granddaughter gave me a bottle of yours for my birthday. that was in Ok. I live in Payson ariz. I liked it, and would like to buy another bottle, but i had never seen it befor. the little town that i live in is 100 miles from any where, phoenix,100 mi. flag staff,100 mi. so if you have a distributor around here i'd like to know who. my zip code 85541. Emery McKeen 305 w cherry st, Payson az.

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