The Balvenie

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  • yorkrotchsmells posted 10 months ago

    Simply one of my favorites!! The double wood 12 is simply amazing for the price... at $45 I haven't found a similar priced one that matches or beats its quality and flavor.

    And if you have the chance... give the port wood 21 a try... You WON'T be disappointed.

  • oscarswanson posted 3 years ago

    Note on 3/14/15....The new 15 year is now a sherry cask not the Bourbon which has been discontinued. The old one is pictured above.
    If you like the old one, I would suggest you find a couple now while you can still find them.

  • Michael posted 4 years ago

    Truly lucky indeed! How was the Balvenie after another 7 years of age?

    I have tried, and liked, many different brands of scotch, but Balvenie Doublewood 12 year old is still my favorite!

  • Richard posted 4 years ago

    I had to put everything we own into storage back in 2006 due to a medical condition. Now, in july 2013 we went to move our things from storage to our new home. There waiting for me, all of this time, was a new bottle of Balvene packed carefully away in a drawer. I'd forgotten all about it.This is a day of celebration indeed. Very fine Scotch on a very fine day. There is nothing quite like it.

  • overkill posted 5 years ago


  • Wayne posted 5 years ago

    To my taste, Balvenie is the finest scotch available. Of course there are others I like very much, but when I drink Balvenie (especially the 15 yr.) it's like coming home.

  • Mike posted 6 years ago

    My favorite.

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