Maker's Mark Bourbon

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  • jlwatts1 posted 5 days ago

    Makers is a really good example of how the flavor of a bourbon is affected by how the distiller finishes it. I am not a big fan of high rye bourbons and was attracted to Markers as it is a wheaten bourbon that contains no rye. However, I have found that Makers still has the spiciness associated with rye that exceeds that of bourbons that contain rye such as Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit. It is still a very good bourbon and one that I still enjoy on occasion. Makers 46 is a bit smoother in my opinion and my recommendation.

  • sheldonsoprisnet679885245 posted 11 months ago

    I like to experiment and try many different bourbons, but, over the years, Makers Mark has become my go to bourbon -- neat.

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