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Laughing Glass Cocktails

About Laughing Glass Cocktails

Founder: Carey Clahan, Sydney Rainin and Jill Korst
Year Founded: 2013
Distillery Location: Distilleria Leyros, Tequila, Mexico

Laughing Glass Cocktails Essential Facts

Laughing Glass was started by 3 San Francisco Bay Area Moms. We created Laughing Glass because we were looking for a product that was really easy, was 100% All Natural and that also tasted like an authentic margarita, not like something out of the medicine cabinet. We took 1 year and 1 day from concept to store shelves, and officially launched in April 2013. We are now in over 450 major retailers in California and Nevada. We are a completely different company in the Ready To Pour category. We make our own Super Premium Blanco Tequila in Tequila, Mexico and blend it with organic and natural citrus flavors, organic agave nectar and filtered water. We won Platinum - Best of Class at the 2014 SIP Awards competition at the St. Regis in Dana Point for the best all around taste. We are 110 calories per 4 oz. serving (a typical margarita is between 300-600 calories) and we achieve this naturally. We do NOT use any artificial preservatives, additives, colors, flavors or sweeteners ever. We play easily in the All Natural/Organic arena as well as the Low Calorie one and we are Gluten-Free, Vegan and Paleo Friendly. At the end of the day, our name says it all - our goal is to open up, lighten up, and keep everyone LAUGHING!