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About KEN-TO

KEN-TO Essential Facts

This is a story. This is a legend, traditions and a culture of distant and not so distant countries, which we have visited or want to visit. Ken-to is a travel into mysterious and beautiful corners of the world, which secrets are opened to a strong, brave and curious. In addition to its content, KEN-TO has a great shape. It is bottled in a patented design bottle, that not only stand out on any store shelf and decorate your table, but also serve as a guarantee of authenticity drink. The bottle of KEN-TO virtually impossible to forge. Each bottle KEN-TO saves our love and history. KEN-TO is a drink that first of all we like ourselves. Otherwise we would not offer it to someone else. Hard production and quality control at all stages of production , constant laboratory samples and tastings are a pledge and a guarantee that KEN-TO always true to himself , and immutable. It is exactly like what we want to see it, want to drink it and how we want to offer it to you. KEN-TO created for true lovers, who love truly iconic, individual things. These people are not the majority. We ourselves are the such people. Good day to you and lovely evenings with KEN-TO!