Jose Cuervo Tequila

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  • PWJ0 posted 8 months ago

    Have you people lost your collective minds? What have you done with the handle on the 1.75 l Bottle? I want my handle back!

  • herreradolfo.a46191b posted 1 year ago

    Cuervo Gold is an excellent "tequila" if you seriously want to experience the worst a hangover has to offer. Chase it with Bud Light and prepare for the ice pick to the temple.

  • smhoward9 posted 2 years ago

    What happened o the jose cuervo black, they don't carry it anymore at fort jackson class six store?

  • Wonderland65 posted 3 years ago

    Ok I'm looking for the anniversary limited edition of Jose Cuervo that comes in the metal case. The bottles have skulls on them one bottle is silver and the other is gold.I live in Va.

  • yayi.lugogelpi.9 posted 4 years ago

    Why has The Black Medallion been discontinued? Besides that it's my favorite...its so popular! Anyone who has tasted it becomes an immediate fan, what happened?
    Disappointing to say the least. Will Jose Cuervo be replacing it?
    Thank You,
    Mrs. Iraida Lugo-Gelpi

  • astralloy1 posted 4 years ago

    Sorry to hear Black Madallion was discontinued, that was the best tasting I've ever had.Need to make a few more bottles just for me

  • uldis b posted 4 years ago

    hope someone at Jose Cuervo reads this, check out salmon au poivre with tequila on the net, look up salmon au poivre by chef uldis, your tequila rocks the dish, hope we can partner together, let me know. regards...Chef Uldis.

  • uldis breibart posted 4 years ago

    you have to check out salmon au poivre with tequila by chef uldis on you tube, your tequila rocks the dish, its just too good, you have to watch it, just google salmon au poivre by chef uldis, if you like it let me know.

  • Mike in Virginia posted 4 years ago

    I got the same response and have been stockpiling ever since. I found a couple of cases in maryland but it won't last near long enough. The best margarita: the black with a dash of amaretto, a drop of cointreau, some 1800 cocunut tequila, and the friends love it and call it a MAM.

    Cuervo: please, please, bring back the black!!!!

  • johnleader posted 4 years ago

    I love jose god blessed him with a skill to make people happy and thank god jose s family should be proud I know tequila gets a bad rap but it is the people who drink to get drunk and not to enjoy such a special beverage that should be ashamed thank you john Norfolk virginia

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