Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

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  • ceelove1911 posted 4 months ago

    I used to drink John Daniels all the time . . . Oh. . .I call him John b/c we go way back. Anyway, I developed a taste for Gentleman Jack then acquired a taste for Single Barrel Jack which is the only form of JD I drink now unless I'm at some cheap bar that only sells Jack smh.

  • chmunsey.218a posted 1 year ago

    The main reason Jack Daniel's should not be called a Bourbon is because it is a "Sour Mash" whiskey the only one of its type. So don't stereo type JD with the other typeside as it is not and the charcoal filtering is to mellow out it's tastes so it can be enjoyed slowly.

  • skolnick.bradley posted 2 years ago

    rehiguera1.9802945 - Its not about why Jack Daniel's CAN'T call themselves a bourbon, it's about why Jack Daniel's DOESN'T want to be called one. The Charcoal Mellowing process filters out undesired and overpowering corn/malt flavor congeners typical of a bourbon and allows for the more subtle melon/citrus/banana flavor congeners to show through in the final product. It is true that Jack Daniel's meets all definitions of a bourbon, and always has. In fact the US government attempted to require Jack Daniel's to label their product as a Bourbon after prohibition, but Jack Daniel's felt that their product was different and deserved its own designation. The Master Distiller at the time pulled a sample of the White Dog right off the still and another sample after the Charcoal Mellowing Process, but before Barrel Aging and sent them to the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau). Upon review of the 2 samples by the US TTB they determined that the character of the product had changed enough to 'no longer exhibit the same flavor characteristics of a bourbon' and they created another designation within the American Whiskey Category, Tennessee Whiskey. A Tennessee Whiskey, by law, must meet all requirements for a bourbon and additionally go through some sort of Charcoal Mellowing. Your question, rehiguera1.9802945, is incorrect. Instead you should ask why Bourbons cannot be called Tennessee Whiskey.

  • rehiguera1.9802945 posted 2 years ago

    Ok, honest question. Can someone tell me why charcoal filtering means JD can't be classed as a bourbon? Everywhere I have looked about what the requirements are for calling it a bourbon, none of them (save for this site) mention charcoal filtering and even a few mention that JD technically can be classed as a bourbon. This site is literally the only site out of dozens I have visited that mentions anything about charcoal filtering.

  • TriRunner53 posted 2 years ago

    Josh most likely is that what you drink comes from a used Jack barrel

  • Jeff Butterfield posted 3 years ago

    ~**< I absolutely love JD but not the honey one. JD is all I drink, great strait but if your looking for a new experience try what I call the "Jugernaught"
    * 1 part Jack
    *2 or 3 parts Green Monster energy drink depending on your taste. I'd say start with 2 and if you think its too strong go with 3.
    - By Spaz413-

  • txrebelcowgirl posted 4 years ago

    I love the Honey Jack. When I have a sore throat...I take a shot which is cooled in the freezer, and it helps kick that sore throat right out of there. For head colds: I take two lemons, boil them...pour off the lemon into a mug...put two shots of Honey Jack Daniels in wrap myself in a very warm thick blanket and I sip it as it is very hot. I have sweat out a head cold the same night with this affect and the sweat pours off me doing as what it is said to do: sweat out the cold. My Irish grandmother told us it is the best way to get a hold on the cold itself...God rest her soul.

  • txrebelcowgirl posted 4 years ago

    LMAO....I don't see that on Old Number 7.... maybe you are drinking to much of it and imagining it...hehe

  • txrebelcowgirl posted 4 years ago

    I'm sorry but when I have my Jack Daniels...I usually start off with two shots straight up...back to back ...then I have my Jack Sour. This is when I am out on the town Honky Tonking. That is my start to the evening, to many on the rocks will leave me on the rocks...love my Jack Sours!!!

  • luvmydrink53 posted 4 years ago

    I agree its best straight luv that Jack..

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