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Get Hot Tequila

About Get Hot Tequila

Founder: John Vasicek
Year Founded: 2013
Distillery Location: Bottled in the highlands of Jalisco, within the Los Altos region of Jesus Maria, Mexico

Get Hot Tequila Essential Facts

Get Hot Tequila entered into a relationship with a vertically integrated, family-owned distillery to distill and barrel its 100% puro reposado, leveraging the distinct floral notes associated with the Los Altos region. Get Hot Tequila also took time to find the right production methods, including selecting specific barrels for resting. We wanted to get certain flavor notes that we knew consumers would like. We tried nearly half dozen barrels before we decided on a specific type of oak says founder and company owner John Vasicek. Only after proper resting is the golden reposado infused with heat.