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Fuegón® Red-Licorice Liqueur

About Fuegón® Red-Licorice Liqueur

Fuegón® Red-Licorice Liqueur Essential Facts

Approximately 10 years in the making, Fuegón® The Original Red-licorice LiqueurTM is the result of painstaking efforts to develop the perfectly crafted mix of flavors, alcohol content, and mouth feel to deliver a truly amazing adult beverage experience.
Those behind Fuegón® began to share samples of their formulation with their freeloading friends—a terrible mistake to be sure, especially given their less-than-reputable compatriots’ sticky fingers. More troublesome, batches of Fuegón® suddenly went missing whenever said friends were around. After so much Fuegón® disappeared in the thick of the night, one of the miscreants behind the booze’s creation thought, “Hey, if our so-called friends are absconding with this stuff, we just might be on to something.” Everyone agreed.
It was decided to let bygones be bygones. The Fuegón® bandits were invited back, not for interrogation, but to test the liqueur’s potential as a mixer with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To the surprise of everyone, the refreshing, red-licorice taste of Fuegón® turned out to not only be great as a shot, but also as the base for many a refreshing mixed drink. Of course, the thieves-turned-mixer-junkies continued to harangue the makers, seeking an endless supply of Fuegón®—they became incessantly annoying nags, constantly badgering Brendon and his team to produce even more product.
Tom Carr and the others behind Fuegón® decided that, if they couldn’t produce enough volume for their lowlife friends, they might as well attempt to recoup their losses and share the recipe with the world. Thus, Fuegón® was officially born... and the enabling of a band of local purloiners came to a screeching halt.