Four Roses Bourbon

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  • britter2387gmailcom428060240 posted 11 months ago

    If you have not already drank this bourbon, which you can still do, contact the distillery! This bottle is incredibly rare and they buy bottles with historical value. I can't guarantee how much they will pay but I used to work there and I know they would be interested.

  • razor66 posted 2 years ago

    Four roses, I have a bottle of Four Roses that is dated July 1914 and has never been opened. Would it still be safe to drink? The seal on top states (The highest grade of whiskey KNOWN to the trade Four Roses Absolute Purity GUARANTEED by Paul Jones & Co. Louisville, KY.). How rare would this whiskey be and value. The whiskey in bottle is down about the shoulder. The yeast strain I was wondering if it is still the same today as it was a hundred years ago and there's a way you could find out.

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