Finlandia Vodka

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  • Jan Krier posted 3 years ago

    My martini drinking friend do not understand why when we go to dinner and ask for a martini made with Finlandia we can not get Finlandia. Why is Finlandia not in every bar? We prefer it!

  • MrYee2U posted 4 years ago

    I've known about Finlandia Vodka since the 70's, when I was in college, Montclair State College, N.J. It was a good buy then & mixes well.

  • paaniponos posted 4 years ago

    Great tasting vodka. smooth as velvet with no aftertaste. usually 1/2 price of greygoose, belvedere, etc. i take mine with sprite and limes to taste. TGIF is the only bar i've found that stocks it. buy a bottle, you wont be disappointed. plus, 1/2 cost.

  • Jim posted 4 years ago

    I first seen Finlandia vodka at the liquor store the other day when i was getting some Stolichnaya, i didnt even realize they made vodka in Finland until then, and i was in Finlad a coulple years ago also

  • E.B. Jobe posted 5 years ago

    Would like to buy at least a case for better discount
    Our area only sells cranberry to bars
    Bought out Gabriel's last 6

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