Evan Williams

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  • HJ4646@yahoo.ca posted 5 months ago

    I've been drinking Evan Williams black label for years...it's not the best for the money...it's the best period.

  • Crazy Dave posted 10 months ago

    I recently bought a bottle of EW Black. It reinforced my previous opinion that this is a very enjoyable bourbon for a very low price. In this price range, Old Heaven Hill is the only bourbon in can think of to give it any competition.

  • artwalker68hotmailcom108966079 posted 2 years ago

    My Bother in law gave me a bottle for Christmas!
    Smother then Jack. and way better then Seagram's 7
    Now have 4 friends That Love it too!! Keep up the good work!

  • trnichols17.87927 posted 2 years ago

    Where is all the Evan Williams.I live in Sarasota Florida and can't find my Evan.Is there a shortage?My guy at the ABC said there was a Bourbon Armageddon coming.I heard the ageing years on bottles are going south.Tell me it ain't so!

  • chieflee posted 2 years ago

    I always make my Old Fashioned s with EW!

  • Berton Whittle posted 2 years ago

    I purchased a bottle of Evan Williams green label at the local liquor store because it is all they had, I normally drink the Evan Williams black label. The green label is not a good whiskey to me for some reason can you tell me the difference in the two bottles. I won't buy anymore green label.

  • pete.peterson.56 posted 2 years ago

    I to find it way better then Maker Mark! Also the price is WAY better!

  • steve posted 5 years ago

    grabbed a bottle of evan williams because it was a lot cheaper than makers mark. i found that its still damn good quality bourbon and its become my #1

  • Scott McDonald posted 5 years ago

    Great Daily Drink

  • Cedric Scott posted 5 years ago

    Evan Williams is a great drink and I love it!

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