Elijah Craig Bourbon

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  • johnmwehrly posted 12 months ago

    elijiah craig@150

  • Kerry Graham posted 2 years ago

    had a great week in Kentucky this year with tours and tasting. I was most impressed with Elijah Craig age 12, I will have to try and find a bottle of 18 yr. to add to my collection.

  • brandonjclark posted 2 years ago

    My favorite bourban. It's great as a mixer, as a filler for an Old Fashioned or just neat. There might not be a better whiskey period.

  • Bourbon of the Day posted 3 years ago

    This is one of the best bourbons on the market. Elijah Craig was the man credited with creating bourbon (http://www.bourbonoftheday.com/elijah-craig/) and opening the first distillery in Kentucky. I have a drinking bottle of 12, a bottle of 21 and a bottle of cask strength!

  • Sean posted 5 years ago

    The Elijah Craig 18y. is currently out of production and out of stock, everywhere. If you happen across one, BUY IT! It is manufactured by Heaven Hill Distilleries. It won't be back on the shelves until after January 2013. They are pushing the 20yr old but at $120-$150, this is significantly more costly.

  • Kate Goode posted 5 years ago

    I bought my hubby an Elijah Craig wooden putter a month or so ago. It putts great...any idea where it came from????? Promotional item???

  • Liquor.com posted 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, Liquor.com does not sell or distribute any spirits ourselves. You'll need to directly contact Heaven Hill Distillery, which makes Elijah Craig, for information about where to buy it. Here's the brand's contact form: http://www.bardstownwhiskeysociety.com/site/contact/contact-us.html

  • Mkok@sbcglobal.net posted 5 years ago

    Where can I get Elijah Craig 18year I am sad

  • Bobby posted 6 years ago

    Great small batch whiskey from a truly craft distiller

  • Haim Barad posted 7 years ago

    Definitely my favorite bourbon - the 18 year old is worth the extra expense. We featured it on DrinkedIn a while back (http://drinkedin.net/bourbon/heaven-hill-elijah-craig) and every sip was worth it. Great bourbon!

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