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  • ruth kelsen posted 3 years ago

    My son is in London now and posted on Facebook that he went to a small Pub and saw Death's Door Gin in
    stock. I live in Door County-- and I realize that it's a small world!!

  • Victoria posted 4 years ago

    Try going to your local D&W, Hardings, or any store that sells just beer, wine, spirits and see if they can request some for you since they have a liquor license. Won't hurt to ask.

  • Chris posted 5 years ago

    It's kind of spendy and not very complex (have tried all three). The local bartenders think of it more as rail liquors than fine spirits. Definitely a cool name for sipping a cocktail as you watch a storm roll in on the lake.

  • editor posted 6 years ago

    Hi Steven,
    According to Death's Door's website search (, its products are not available anywhere in Michigan. But you might want to call the distillery at 608-831-1083 to confirm.

  • steven posted 6 years ago

    Like the sound of the name. Where in Michigan is Death's Door vodka to be purchased?

  • steven posted 6 years ago

    Where in Michigan can I purchase Deaths Door vodka?

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