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  • wcornelia05gmailcom189656985 posted 10 months ago

    want to buy a case of cadian mist 50mloz. bottles on line. Where do i place the order?

  • h2oskijayn posted 3 years ago

    I have a 1929 bottle of CC unopened seal has not been comprimised but the face has faded somewhat.
    What is it worth?

  • yzf posted 3 years ago

    A friend of mine was telling me CC is a liqueur, as far as i know CC is a blended Rye whiskey. Can anyone shed some light on this either way?

  • rose viccora posted 4 years ago

    I have a 6 year old bottle with seals not opened. with a 1975 stamped on the seal. e-mail me back. I also live in Florida.

  • posted 4 years ago

    In the US, it's illegal to buy spirits directly from a distiller. We're not sure if that also applies to a US territory like the Virgin Islands, but your best bet is to contact Canadian Club directly:

  • Thomas Fitzsimmons posted 4 years ago

    Years ago, I always requested Jamison Whisky.

    Once my call was out of stock and the bartender suggested Canadian Club. I have been using Canadian Club ever since.

    I now live in the United States Virgin Virgin Islands and many places do not keep it in stock.


    i HAVE A BUSINESS IN RETAIL INSURANCE.. if you can use US Priority it also works here. If not priority, you can ship to a frieght Forwerder on the East Coast.and I will take it from there.ould recieve 50 or 100 liters

  • jefcol posted 4 years ago

    I live in the UK and am finding it ever increasingly difficult to find.

  • gary posted 5 years ago

    I also have had this. I like the taste better. Is it somthing new

  • maritza posted 5 years ago

    i have a 1966 c.c. unopened blended canadian whisky bottle

  • posted 5 years ago

    If you want CC, get over to my home... AUSTRALIA! Working in the bar here, and I have nights where its the biggest seller. My girlfriend loves premixed CC and Dry Ginger Ale. I Love it for whiskey cocktails. When it comes to dark spirits, Canadian Club is a must have!

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