Cabo Wabo Tequila

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  • striker5x5 posted 2 years ago

    Cabo Reposado is my go to Tequila. I find the Anejo to be too woodsy for my taste. One of the best on the market. Way better then the overrated Patron. Mix the blanco but sip the Reposado and Anejo. Great on the rocks. The ice doesn't seem to alter the taste like when you add ice to whiskey.

  • CastleO posted 2 years ago

    My house tequila (anejo). Smooth slightly smoky flavor, unlike a previous review, I do not find it strong or harsh; my standard drink is on the rocks.

  • Rick77 posted 2 years ago

    We also love Cabo. The reposado cabo is extremely smooth. Delon and Patron are on the same par. I've been getting my tequila at Quick Stop Wine & Liquor in Ridgewood, NJ.

  • Ryan Tracy posted 6 years ago

    Quite good, to a discerning palate. Truth be told, the Blanco is a bit harsh; but the Reposado and the Añejo go down very smoothly. If you're looking for a tequila to shoot, look elsewhere. This one's for sipping. Cabo Wabo tastes best on the rocks, in my opinion. For a sipping tequila that one can enjoy 'neat', I suggest either Chinaco or Corralejo.

  • Teresa posted 7 years ago

    Not a very good teqila. Leaves a foul aftertaste when doing shots and margaritas just dont taste right.

  • carlos posted 7 years ago

    Too bad tequila taste is very strong ethanol

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