Bombay Sapphire Gin

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  • jeff.alexander.1481 posted 4 years ago

    bomb bay glasses in the air

  • jeff.alexander.1481 posted 4 years ago

    Bom Bay Saphire was my drink of chicewhen i was oout clubbing and pro moting partie sandget thatmoney....You can tell alot about the people you meet by what they drinkand how many friends they have.....Bob bay glases in the air...ha,ha! the Life!

  • miketroy23 posted 4 years ago

    gin is the best drink

  • gabe posted 5 years ago

    gins the best with some fresca

  • Josh posted 5 years ago

    I bought a 750ml bottle of this about one year ago. Wow I must say I took down about 3/4 bottle the first night. Ended up with a bag of pot in my bedroom the next day, and I don't smoke weed. My wife said I was trying to get my brother to come on over and party that night. And to this day I still have the rest of the gin in my liquor cabinet. Once in a while I will open the the cap just to smell it. Dang it does smell flowery, I don't know how I drank so much. But this gin is good I guess, because I didn't have a hangover the next day.

  • Angle posted 5 years ago

    Really this stuff is amazing, I drink with fruit juice and taste quite good.

  • David posted 7 years ago

    This stuff is amazing, just some sprite, lemon juice and bombay and you got yourself a perfect drink.

  • Terry B. posted 8 years ago

    Bombay hits the spot just by itself!Who would want to mix anything else with this?!

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